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Themes: Denho - Baptism of Jesus Christ, Epiphany
Volume 8 No. 455 January 4, 2018

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Epiphany - Arrival of Mag by, Mowbray, 1915
Epiphany - The Arrival of Magi

Painting by Henry Siddons Mowbray, 1915


1. Early Release of MWJ Issues 454-456

Due to the holidays and office closures, Malankara World Issues 454-456 will be released before January 1. Here is some info and a handy tool to help navigate the period. ...

I. Denho Feast in Church (January 6)

2. Bible Readings for Denho Feast (January 6)

3. Sermons for Denho Feast (January 6)

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II. This Sunday in Church: 1st Sunday After Denho Feast (Jan 7)

6. Bible Readings for This Sunday (January 7)

7. Sermons for This Sunday (January 7)

III. Epiphany - Arrival of Magi

8. The Troubling Star

When Herod saw that star, all he could manage to see was bad news. But the point is that it's good news. Truth be told, it's the greatest news there is. ...

9. The Epiphany of the Lord

The magi in Bethlehem, as they adored their new king, were the first Gentiles to experience the unfolding of this great mystery, and St. Paul, many years later, became its first great evangelist. ...

10. The Journey of Faith The Feast of Epiphany

In this meditation, I would like to follow these Magi in their journey of faith to become "Wise Men." As magi, they followed the faint stars, distant points of light; as wise men, they follow Jesus, who is the ever glorious Light from Light, true God from true God. ...

11. The Promise of Epiphany

Into this scene of obscure poverty suddenly bursts an exotic entourage from a far-off land. Dignitaries in dress uniform lavish the newborn with expensive gifts that seem out of place in the humble surroundings. ...

12. Arise, Shine, for Your Light Has Come

Isaiah here is telling us that we have been called out of darkness and into the Lord's marvelous light. We have been set apart, to belong to the Lord, to live as his people. We have an identity and a purpose in life. ...

IV. Featured: Baptism of Jesus

13. Anointed Ones: The Baptism of the Lord

Jesus presents himself for John's baptism in today's Gospel, not because He is a sinner, but to fulfill the word of God proclaimed by His prophets. He must be baptized to reveal that He is the Christ ("anointed one") ...

14. Denaha Feast

An article in Malayalam by Chev. Cherian Venkadath (In PDF)

15. Thin Place, Deep Water

 Jesus himself is our thin place. He's the one who stands in line with us at the water's edge, willing to immerse himself in shame, scandal, repentance, and pain - all so that we might hear the only Voice that can tell us who we are and whose we are in this sacred season. ...

16. The Christening of Jesus as The Christ

We see Jesus, the Word of God filled with the Spirit of God, bringing order to chaos, remission of sins, and establishing righteousness in order to reconcile all the world to God. ...

17. Shining Light into Darkness

In a very real sense, in his baptism Jesus was making a public declaration that he was going to take the side of God's justice. He was going to set about promoting God's work of righting the wrongs and lifting the burdens from the oppressed...

V. General Weekly Features

18. Christian Life: Giving and Living the Gospel

The snapshot of Jesus' life that the thief saw from his unique perspective convinced him that he was next to the Son of God. ...

19. Family Special: Marriage - Good or Good Enough

In reality, the intensity and ecstasy of the honeymoon never lasts for any of us. It wasn't meant to. But that doesn't mean you have to remain the victim of the status quo, or that you have to settle for a relationship that's good enough - but not as good as it could be. ...

20. About Malankara World

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