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Theme: MidLent
Volume 8 No. 466 March 7, 2018

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Golgotha installed on Mid Lent
(picture taken from the back as a procession is going in front.)
I. Mid-Lent in Church

1. Bible Readings for Mid-Lent (March 7)

2. Sermons for Mid-Lent (March 7)

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II. Great Lent - Week 4 - Supplement

4. Malankara World Great Lent Supplement

Malankara World Great Lent Supplement

5. Meditations and Reflections For Week 4 of Great Lent

Week 4 of Great Lent

III. Lectionary Reflections: Matthew 17:2227

6. The Sons Are Free

 Those who trust and follow Jesus as the Son of God are the true children of God and are, therefore, free from the old system of temple worship with its "taxes." ...

7. Unwavering Trust in The Father's Will

But Christ's love for the Father far outweighed the suffering that He would experience at the hands of the devil and sinful men. Though He eventually must bear the weight of our sins as He suffered and died on the cross, Christ remained focused and committed to the Father's will even in the face of death. ...

8. Faithful Jesus

Remember the cross, revere the cross, praise God for the cross, because Jesus went there faithfully because of your faithlessness. ...

9. Just Look Up!

This Old Testament event is really a wonderful picture of what Christ would do thousands of years later on the cross. He would hang in our place as a sinner so that all who looked upon Him might be saved. ...

10. In The Mean Time

God raises Jesus to life even if the disciples didn't expect it. And thankfully, God keeps working for the good in our lives. ...

IV. Featured:

 11. Gospel Convention and Lenten Retreat - 2018

In connection with the observance of the Lent, the St. Paul's Men's Fellowship and St. Mary's Women's League of the Malankara Archdiocese are holding a 3-day Gospel Convention and Retreat in New Jersey on March 16-18, 2018. ...

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