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Theme: Great Lent week 5
Volume 8 No. 467 March 9, 2018

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Jesus Calming Sea - Chinese Version
Jesus Calming Sea - Chinese Painting

I. This Sunday in Church - 5th Sunday in Great Lent

1. Bible Readings for 5th Sunday in Great Lent (March 26)

2. Sermons for 5th Sunday in Great Lent (March 26)

3. Malankara World Journals with the Theme: Great Lent Week 5

II. Great Lent - Week 5 - Supplement

4. Malankara World Great Lent Supplement

Malankara World Great Lent Supplement

5. Meditations and Reflections For Week 5 of Great Lent

Week 5 of Great Lent

III. Lectionary Reflections: Luke 13:10-16

6. Standing up Straight with the Bent Over Woman

We all, to some extent, live 'bent double.' And it may or may not be in the form of a debilitating disfigurement- in fact, no one may be able to see that you are bent over at all.

7. The Bent-Over Woman

Can we imagine seeing the world through the eyes of the bent-over woman in our gospel lesson for today? Can we imagine a disease that morphs our skeletal structure until we are "bent over" and "quite unable to stand up straight?" Can we imagine living this way for 18 years. 18 years! That's an eternity! ...

8. A Woman Set Free

In this incident in the life of our Lord we are meeting the very last occasion on which he spoke in a synagogue. Over two years have passed since he first stood up in his own local synagogue in Nazareth, read from the book of Isaiah the prophet and then sat down and preached to them. ...

IV. General Weekly Features

9. Family Special: How to Break Destructive Relationship Patterns

Are you caught in a dysfunctional relationship with someone? Perhaps you're letting others control you, such as by tolerating an abusive marriage or enabling a friend's addiction because you're afraid of losing the relationship if you speak up. ...

10. Family Special: Digging Out of a Little Sin

I remember when my young children would complain that a punishment was too harsh for their "teeny" disobedience. I'd bring up Adam and Eve's teeny bite of the forbidden fruit. I'd ask them how many bites of the fruit it would have taken to become a punishable act. ...

11. Inspirational: Blind Man and Wife

Even though the eyes don't see each other, they see things together, blink simultaneously and cry together. That's unity. ...

12. Out Of The Cocoon: Transformation

Significant personal change is one of the most intense and difficult transformational processes that we are called to go through...

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