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Theme: New Sunday, Resurrection
Volume 8 No. 474 April 6, 2018

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Jesus Pulling Adam and Eve From Their Tombs - 18th-Century-Russian-Icon
Jesus Pulling Adam and Eve From Their Tombs - 18th-Century-Russian-Icon

I. This Sunday in Church - New Sunday

1. Bible Readings for New Sunday (April 8) Lec_new_sunday.htm

2. Sermons for New Sunday (April 8)

3. Malankara World Journals with the Theme: New Sunday

II. Reflections: New Sunday, Resurrection of Jesus

4. When You're Caught in Fear's Grip

When you're caught in fear's grip, you may feel anxious and uncertain about what to do. That's OK. It's less about what you do and more about what Jesus will do for you. ..

5. Why Didn't Christ Stay with His Disciples Continually from the Resurrection to His Ascension?

St. Thomas strikes a balance between the Lord's need to instruct them and summon them to faith in the resurrection, and the need for them to grasp His risen glory. Christ did not merely resume His former life. ...

6. Hymn 1 on the Resurrection - St. Ephrem

No one has gone up to heaven except the one who has come down from heaven. ..

7. The Mystery of The Resurrection - St. Gregory the Great

The Mediator between God and man, the Man Jesus Christ, came, and took upon Himself the one, and revealed to us the other. The one He endured by dying; the other He revealed when He rose from the dead. ...

8. "Just a little while longer…" - A Meditation on The Brevity and Urgency of Life

In a more extended and pastoral context, the words of Jesus are also intended for us. He wants us to grasp that "in a little while" we will see him. It is a very important perspective for us to gain: life is short! And this truth is both consoling and challenging for us. ...

III. Featured: Resurrection

9. Why is the Resurrection so Important?

By observing the resurrected Christ, we learn not only about resurrected bodies but also about resurrected relationships. Christ communicates with his disciples and shows his love to them as a group and as individuals. ...

10. The Resurrection: Motive for Sanctification

Trusting in the fact of Christ's resurrection and looking forward to our own rising from the dead ought to stimulate us toward sanctification. ...

11. Witnesses to the Resurrection

Peter says, "We are witnesses to these things." Yet the experiences of the risen Lord were not private events. They were given so that all could share in the risen life. ...

12. The Life-Changing Power of the Cross and the Resurrection

You can try to bury Power, but it won't stay there. You can try to bury Truth, but it is not dead. You can try to bury Love, but it cannot be contained. Jesus is alive, He won the victory of sin and death. And He's still the same, even in all the days after the Easter weekend. He never changes. ...

IV. General Weekly Features

13. Family: What Do Your Kids See In Your Marriage?

Granting love and attention to your kids goes a long way toward establishing a stable atmosphere at home. ..

14. Family: 11 Marriage Killers You Need to Avoid

These are a few of the common marriage killers. But in truth, the list is virtually limitless. If you are going to beat the odds and maintain an intimate, long-term marriage, you must take the task seriously. ...

15. A Lesson in Life

There is nothing permanent in this short sojourn on earth. ...

16. Seven Growth-Stunting Errors to Avoid in Following Jesus

What you believe makes a big difference in your Christian life. Even if the categories of formal theology seem remote and unfamiliar, you have a theology. ...

17. Investments of the Heart

We all know that money can't buy love, happiness or redemption. So why does the book of Proverbs imply that wealth, honor and life will come to those who are humble and fear the Lord? ...

18. About Malankara World

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