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Theme: Ascension Special
Volume 8 No. 479 May 8, 2018

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Ascension-Jesus Talking to His Disciples about His Imminent Departure from this world
Jesus Talking to His Disciples about His Imminent Departure from this world
and the Arrival of the Holy Spirit.

1. Foreword: Ascension of Our Lord

Jesus didn't go back to His father in the form He came to this world. He preserved his human nature intact when He ascended. Jesus, who went back to the Father, was a perfect Human/perfect God with all the emotions of humans like grief as well as with the marks of the crucifixion intact!....

I. Ascension Day in Church

2. Bible Readings for Ascension Day (May 25)

3. Sermons for Ascension Day (May 25)

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II. Ascension Reflections

5. Ascended and Still Present

What does it mean that Jesus ascended into heaven and sits at God's right hand? Does it mean that Jesus just went away, that's he's taking a break, like he's on vacation for a few thousand years until he comes back? ...

6. Hymn: Alleluia, Sing to Jesus

7. Ascension Day What Is It All About?

Ascension day is a day of hope and promise. The ascended Lord will return to judge that which is broken and unjust. He will return as leader in a glorious future. ...

8. The Feast of the Ascension - Where Past, Present, and Future Meet

Because of the ascension of Jesus, we too now see a future in which we are no longer slaves to a community and a war that still needs to be fought. We are free to live in a new reality, where death and the threat of death no longer have dominion. ...

9. Every Round Goes Higher - A Meditation on the Feast of the Ascension

Here are the ways that Christ, by his love, is lifting us higher, than we've ever been lifted before. Yes, love lifted me, when nothing else could help, Love lifted me. ...

III. Featured: Ascension

10. On Ascension Day

He ascends not as He came down. He ascends taking with Himself a human body, a human soul, a human mind, a human will, all the attributes of human nature, except of course for sin....

11. What the Lord's Ascension Means

Here, without doubt, is the supreme moment in the life of Christ, the final climactic event to the work of his Redemption. Face to face with the mystery intended from the beginning....

12. Ascension - Man's First Entry into Divine Glorification

The doctrinal meaning of the ascension is the glorification of human nature, the reunion of man with God. It is indeed, the very penetration of man into the inexhaustible depths of divinity. ...

13. Christ's Ascending Is a Sending

Christ's ascending is a sending. When Jesus ascends into heaven, at that time he sends out his apostles. Christ's ascending thus is a sending, a sending out of the apostles as witnesses...

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