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Themes: Bread of Life, The High Priestly Prayer of Jesus, Mothers Day
Volume 8 No. 480 May 11, 2018

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My Peace
Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.
- John 14:27

We Wish All Mothers A Happy Mothers Day


1. Foreword

I. Sunday Before Pentecost in Church

2. Bible Readings for Sunday Before Pentecost (May 13)

3. Sermons for Sunday Before Pentecost (May 13)

II. Lectionary Reflections: Bread of Life

4. Come to the Table

All through the first six chapters of John, Jesus has been referred to as the source of life. It is one of the central themes. Now, it is made clear that eating the flesh and drinking the blood of Christ is a condition for receiving the gift of eternal life. ...

5. Hymn: Bread of Life

Bread of life
You have won me
You have filled me, Lord ...

6. Hymn: The Supper of the Lord

This is the bread of God
Coming down from heaven
Giving life to us, to all the world ...

7. Christ - The Living Bread

Jesus said, "I am the living bread." In verse thirty-five, He said, "I am the bread of life." Jesus is speaking of Himself. By these words, He tells us to focus our minds and our hearts on Him. ...

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I am Statements of Jesus
I am the Bread of Life

III. Featured Articles: The High Priestly Prayer of Jesus

9. The High Priestly Prayer of Jesus

This prayer is done before the disciples. They hear every word. It is a time when Jesus prays for the community, allows the disciples to see the richness of the intimacy Jesus has with God the Father, and gives us a glimpse of the possibility of eternal life with God. ...

10. Graceful Unity

We hear Jesus' repeated prayer to the Father that all believers might be one, even as the Son and the Father are one. This fervent prayer serves to remind us that unity amongst Christians is a result of grace. ...

11. The Great High-Priestly Prayer

The seventeenth chapter of John's Gospel constitutes such a deep and rich passage that no summary of it can ever quite do it justice. It is quite difficult to discern a clear structure in this prayer. It is like a spiral staircase, going round and round, revisiting themes and developing them further. ...

12. Oneness

I have learned that it is only as we emphasize what we have in common that we are able to bridge that which would divide us. This does not mean we ignore our differences, for that only leads to a false and fragile unity. ...

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IV. This Week's Supplement: Mother's Day

14. A Weak Mother Is a Good Mother

The most important thing I can do for my children each day is to trust God and acknowledge my weakness, not rely on myself. He will take my meager offering and turn it into a miracle. ...

15. That Proverbs 31 Woman…

I'm not convinced, for example, that the woman described in Proverbs 31 is one literal person. Or, if she is, that she achieved all her accomplishments during the same period of life. ...

16. A Prayer for A Stressed Out Mom

Sleep well, Momma, knowing that the work you are doing is good, and your Father is smiling on you. ...

17. A Prayer of Blessing for Mothers & Grandmothers

If you are a mom or grandmom, you are deserving of blessing and honor for who you are and for all you do. No matter what your age - single or married - here is a prayer of blessing for you...

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V. General Weekly Features

19. When Family Dreams Are Shattered

Many of the tragic events of life are beyond our control. All we can do is learn how to respond at such times in our lives. So allow me to help equip you for such times. ...

20. Christian Life: Attitude Check - Integrity

Our public lives are only as authentic as our private lives. Image is who and what people think we are, while integrity is who and what we really are. ...

21. 3 Ways to Make a Difference in the Place God Puts You

Are you producing fruit where God has placed you? If not, ask yourself why you are not using the gifts God has given you. For when the Master returns, he will look not at how much you did but your faithfulness with what you were given. ...

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