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Themes: Servant Leadership, Bread of Life,
Golden Friday, 1st Sunday After Pentecost
Volume 8 No. 482 May 25, 2018

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Sunset in Vembanad, The Backwaters of Kerala
Sunset in Vembanad, Kumarakom
The Spectacular Beauty of Kerala, The God's Own Country

Photo Courtesy of Kumarakom Today


1. Announcing The Date of Release of Issue 500 WOW!!

Issue 500 of Malankara World Journal will be our Super Special Souvenir Supplement. You can become part of this historical event. Read to learn how...

I. Golden Friday in Church

2. Bible Readings for Golden Friday (May 25)

Bible Readings for Golden Friday

3. Sermons for Golden Friday (May 25)

Sermons for Golden Friday

II. This Sunday in Church (1st Sunday After Pentecost)

6. Bible Readings for This Sunday (May 27)

7. Sermons for This Sunday (May 27)

8. Malankara World Journals with the Theme: I am The Bread of Life

Volume 8 No 480 May 11, 2018
Volume 8 No 477 Apr 27, 2018
Volume 7 No 420 June 9, 2017
Volume 7 No 415 May 12, 2017
Volume 6 No 345 April 22 2016
Volume 5 No 283: May 1 2015
Volume: 4 No: 200 

I am Statements of Jesus
I am the Bread of Life

I am Statements of Jesus

Several articles on "I am Statements of Jesus" are available in the Malankara World Journal Issue 200 Souvenir Edition. ...

III. Reflections: John 6:26-35 - Bread of Life

9. Out of Nowhere in the Middle of Nowhere

The hunger that Jesus satisfies for purpose and meaning beyond ourselves, awakens in us other hungers, for peace, justice, loving kindness, and a humble walk with our God. No matter how often we feast at God's table, these hungers never leave us. ...

10. Bread from Heaven

John the evangelist reminds us again that life eternal is a gift of God for those who put their trust in Jesus. This gift of life is ours for the asking, ours when we ask Jesus. ...

11. Food For Thought: The Bread of Life Discourse in Johannine Legitimation

In this chapter, Jesus is identified as the true manna or bread from heaven. The origin of this concept is probably the need to show that Jesus fulfilled the Jewish expectation of an eschatological provision of manna, coupled with the developing Wisdom christology formulated from the need to contrast Jesus with Moses and/or Torah. ...

IV. Featured: Luke 22: 24-30 - Servant Leadership

12. Servanthood: Humility in Action

If you desire real spiritual greatness, you will be willing to work in the hard place, the lonely place, the place where you're not appreciated. ...

13. The Key to a Good Life

We lose sight of what makes a life truly great and what it means to make a difference during our lifetime. ...

14. Who Is the Greatest?

The key to walking in freedom is helping each other get our eyes off ourselves and back on to Jesus. Because our souls are designed to be satisfied with his glory, not our own. ...

15. Whoever Wants to be First Must be Last of All and Servant of All

Time and time again Jesus must re-emphasize the difference between the values of the Kingdom of God and the values of this world, values that include status, position, power and influence. Thatís some contrast with the ideas of servanthood and being last. ...

16. Two Men Worth Imitating

Every believer is called to serve our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ. Unlike most sports teams, the Lord's team does not have any bench warmers. Every Christian is given a first-string spot on the team, with a vital role to fulfill. A non-serving Christian is a contradiction in terms. ...

V. General Weekly Features

17. Family Abuse and Rescue - Role of Extended Family

My own aunts remind me what a blessing extended family can be. They help me understand how important it is not to get so focused on our nuclear families that we forget our wider kith and kin. ...

18. Family Special: Lord, I Need Your Help

Are there hurts that hold you hostage? Expectations no one could really ever meet? Been trying to fix someone or a situation? Need some help today? I know I do, and God is there. ...

19. Christian Living: Hard Spiritual Truths That Will Set Us Free

There is a kind of unexpected serenity in living in the world as it is rather than resenting it for not being the way we want it to be. ...

20. Have The Right Attitude

We've all had the experience of dealing with a person whose attitude is defensive or confrontational. ...

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