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Theme: 2nd Sun After Pentecost, Beatitudes
Volume 8 No. 483 June 1, 2018

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1 Timothy 1:5

1. Inviting Your Articles For Publication in Malankara World Journal Issue 500

I. This Sunday in Church: 2nd Sunday After Pentecost

2. Bible Readings for This Sunday (June 3)

3. Sermons for This Sunday (June 3)

4. More on This Week's Gospel Theme From MWJ Archives

The following past issues of Malankara World Journal may be helpful in reflecting on this week's Gospel passage (Matthew 10:34-11:1) - cost of discipleship...

II. Lectionary Reflections: Luke 6: 12-23

5. Text: Luke 6:12-23

 Looking at his disciples, he said ...

6. The Joys of Being Poor, Hungry and Hated

Here in Luke, Jesus begins explaining to His Apostles and to us the radical difference between Kingdom Life and secular life. His point is that if we're going to be God's children we must be properly instructed as to what God desires from each one of us. ...

7. In the Meantime

Luke's account is a little different from the better known version Matthew offers. In these passages, for instance, Luke is a little more concrete, a little more focused on those who are in actual need. ...

8. Is There Ever A Dull Moment?

The Lord came into the world to remind us of many things. One being… that there is never a dull moment in life and love....

III. General Weekly Features

9. Family Special: Men Have a Six-word Limit

The art of communication doesn't come naturally to all of us. Some folks just don't like to talk much. ...

10. Family Special: Neighborhood Secrets

Sometimes those calm and orderly days before you had children seem a distant memory, don't they? ...

11. Prewired for Hope

Did you know that you were prewired for hope? There is a restlessness in the human heart for something more than this world can offer. ...

12. True Love

Peter loved Jesus in the way any natural man loves a good person. Yet that is nothing but emotional love. ...

13. Six Questions to Ask an Atheist

Many times, as Christian theists, we find ourselves on the defensive against the critiques and questions of atheists. ...

14. About Malankara World

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