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Themes: Freedom, St. Thomas, Unpardonable Sin, 7th Sunday After Pentecost
Volume 8 No. 488 July 4, 2018

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Yucca Plant in full bloom in Hudson Ohio Photo by Jacob Mathew
Summer Has Arrived in North America

A Yucca plant in full bloom in Hudson, Ohio - a sure sign of the arrival of summer season

Photo by Jacob Mathew, Malankara World


I. This Sunday in Church: 7th Sun After Pentecost

1. Bible Readings for This Sunday (July 8)

2. Sermons for This Sunday (July 8)

II. Reflection: Unpardonable Sin

3. What Did Jesus Mean by: The Sin Against The Holy Spirit?

A distinction is drawn between saying a word against the Son of man (Jesus) and speaking against the Holy Spirit. One is forgivable and the other is not. But what is the difference? ....

4. The Unpardonable Sin - Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit

We hear about the unpardonable sin. That title speaks volumes. We're talking about a sin that can be committed, where basically there's a point of no return. What we're talking about is this: if we die without Christ, we die in our sin, and there's no hope. ...

5. Sins Against Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit is a Person. He has all the attributes of personhood. As a person as a real, live person, Holy Spirit has feelings. He can be hurt, offended, rejected, and ignored. ...

6. Seven Sins Against the Holy Spirit

Be sensitive to the presence of the Holy Spirit
Make things right with God
Protect your relationship with God

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III. Featured: St. Thomas

8. The Apostle Thomas and Jesus Christ

It is because of Thomas' doubt that we commemorate him today. For us who may be full of doubts, despite God's providence which has lead us here, despite the work of His saints intervening in our lives and even healing some of us....

9. I Make All Things New

Thomas too had to overcome his habits of thought. He initially responded exactly as the world had conditioned him to respond. ...

10. Absent for Easter

Earlier in John's gospel, it is Thomas who boldly pledges to go with Jesus to Bethany so "that we might die with him." After touching the scars on Jesus' hands and side he declares him to be both "My Lord and My God." ...

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IV. Special Supplement: Freedom (Independence Day)

12. The Truth Will Make You Free

Declare your independence from sin and death. Put your John Hancock on a personal constitution of love for God and neighbor. ...

13. A Fourth of July Wake-up Call

America has been desensitized one generation at a time, one court decision at a time, one compromise at a time, and we are drowning in a cesspool of relativism. ...

14. How to Celebrate Christian Independence

This is a different kind of slavery than what we usually think of. It is not a servitude that is forced. It's a form of service that is chosen. Through love we choose to serve one another. ...

15. The Curse Of Independence

Solomon spoke of the blessedness of Christ's bride when her independent spirit is broken and her will is dissolved in the will of Christ. SON 2:5 ...

16. The Great Cost of Freedom: Remembering Those Who Gave Their Lives

Freedom is never free. It's a precious gift. And often, it comes at a very great cost. ...

17. 20 Verses and Quotes on Freedom

Here are 20 Great Verses and Quotes on Freedom, to Remind Us, It Is Not Free...

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V. General Weekly Features

19. Health: MD Anderson Doctor Reflects on His Male Breast Cancer Journey

Wearing both an employee badge and a patient bracelet gives me a dual perspective. Moving through familiar areas of the institution on my way to a medical appointment, it's easy to forget that I'm not going to a meeting or seminar, but am instead about to change roles entirely by becoming a patient. ...

20. Recipe: Beef Cutlet

Recipe in Malayalam

21. Family Special: Six Essentials For Greater Intimacy That Every Husband Needs To Know

From Dr. Dobson's book: What Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew About Women ...

22. The Family is The Great Blessing, The Great Gift of God

One of the most beautiful mysteries of our Christian faith is that God did not want to come into the world other than through a family. God did not want to draw near to humanity other than through a home. ...

23. 5 Questions Leaders Ask Themselves

Have you ever had an ordinary experience that resulted in extraordinary insight on life? ...

24. God-Centered Teamwork

Humble teamwork in ministry gives God all the glory and promotes humility. ...

25. About Malankara World

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