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Theme: Child-like Faith, 10th Sunday After Pentecost
Volume 8 No. 491 July 27, 2018

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Jesus with children
Jesus with Children

I. This Sunday in Church: 10th Sunday After Pentecost

1. Bible Readings for This Sunday (July 29)

2. Sermons for This Sunday (July 29)

3. Malankara World Journals with the Theme: Child-Like Faith

Volume 6 No 359 July 22 2016
Theme: Child-like Faith

II. Lectionary Reflections: Matthew 18:1-14

4. Unless You Become Like Children

Greatness in the view of men differs much from greatness in the sight of God. The disciples could not see that Jesus came, not to glorify Himself, but to humble Himself. Because that was the only way salvation could be accomplished. ...

5. Jesus and The Little Ones

Jesus' path to greatness in His kingdom is not upward-mobility; but rather downward-humility. In His kingdom, the moral law of gravity states that "whatever comes up must first go down". ...

6. In the Meantime

 This child represents the vulnerability and need and utter dependence of all children of that day. And that is what Jesus says will count for greatness in the kingdom. Not military power, or physical might, or athletic prowess, or great beauty, or immense wealth, or societal standing and fame, ...

7. He Who Is Greatest

The world finds greatness is status, but the Lord finds it in service. ...

III. General Weekly Features

8. Health: Statins Can Raise Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Taking cholesterol-lowering statin drugs can raise the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes by 30 percent in some vulnerable people, say scientists from Albert Einstein School of Medicine. ...

9. Recipe: Chicken Stew (In Malayalam)

10. Family Special: The Adversity Principle

Human beings who have survived hard times are tougher, more resilient, and more compassionate than those who have never faced difficulty or pain. ...

11. Family Special: Wired for Intimacy

There is nothing more beautiful than an elderly couple that has spent a lifetime together, bonding and becoming one. ...

12. How to Build an Empire

How do you build an empire? You let go of the fantasy, and focus on your true mission in life. And if you don't know what your mission is, then that's your mission … figuring it out. ...

13. Hymn - Shepherd of My Heart

14. Prayer: Applying the Disciples' Prayer

The Disciples’ Prayer is a pattern to follow for life. ...

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