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Theme: Shunoyo (Assumption/Dormition of St. Mary)
Volume 8 No. 494 August 13, 2018

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Assumption of the Virgin Mary, fresco painting in San Petronio Basilica in Bologna, Italy. Credit: Zvonimir Atletic / Shutterstock.
Assumption of the Virgin Mary
Fresco painting in San Petronio Basilica in Bologna, Italy.
Credit: Zvonimir Atletic / Shutterstock.

I. Shunoyo (Assumption of St. Mary) in Church

1. Bible Readings for Shunoyo (Assumption of St. Mary) (August 15)

2. Sermons for Shunoyo (Assumption of St. Mary) (August 15)

II. Malankara World Shunoyo Supplement

3. Please visit Malankara World Shunoyo Supplement to learn more about St. Mary - nativity, life, death etc. You can find prayers of intercession, homilies, articles etc. too. You will find it here:

4. III. Malankara World Journal Archives On Shunoyo Feast

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IV. Featured Articles

5. Mary our Mother, Her Humility, and her Assumption into Heaven

We look on Mary as our heavenly mother. She is the mother of us all. We look on her as our mother who loves us a great deal, who watches over us to protect us. ...

6. On Devotion to The Mother of God

Saint Mariam of Jesus Crucified reflects on the mysterious and tragic events that followed the death of her parents and on her restoration to health by the Mother of God...

7. Assumption of Virgin Mary

Today the children of the Church on earth are joyfully celebrating the Virgin's passing to the celestial city, the heavenly Jerusalem. ...

8. A Biblical Portrait of Mary

Mary is prefigured immediately after the Fall of Man; her divine motherhood is prophesied. ...

9. The Mystics and Mary's Assumption and Coronation

The Blessed Virgin's body lay radiant with light, surrounded by her thousand invisible guardian angels. Her eyes were closed, and her hands were folded on her breast. ...

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