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Theme: Disaster Strikes God's Own Country
Volume 8 No. 495 August 17, 2018

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Kochi airport was flooded and was closed due to the Flood disaster in Kerala
The Flooded Kochi International Airport

"The State of Kerala is in the midst of unprecedented calamity and catastrophe due to heavy rain causing flood throughout Kerala. It has caused immeasurable misery and devastation to thousands of lives. Due to the high magnitude of the rain, first time in the history of Kerala, 35 dams had to be opened, and the water has now washed away several houses, roads and commercial establishments; and even few bridges have collapsed! The misery is escalating due to the continuous rain causing landslides in many areas. The scale of destruction caused by the unparalleled disaster in the recent history of Kerala, has put thousands of people in helpless situation. We appreciate all the rescue and relief operations by the State and the Union Governments as well as other organizations and individuals in India and around the world."
Archbishop His Eminence Yeldo Mor Titus,
Patriarchal Vicar, Malankara Archdiocese of SOC-NA


I. This Sunday in Church: 1st Sunday After Shunoyo

1. Bible Readings for This Sunday (August 19)

2. Sermons for This Sunday (August 19)

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II. Lectionary Reflections

4. The Greatness of Being a Slave

This is about the greatness of humility. This is the greatness of service, the greatness of slavery. And it positions two things which are well known to all of us and one more regularly experienced than the other...pride and humility...

III. Kerala Flood Disaster - Church Response

5. Apostolic Message From Patriarch Re: Kerala Flood Disaster

6. Archbishop HE Yeldho Mor Titus on Kerala Flood Disaster

Donate for Kerala Flood Relief through the Malankara Archdiocese

IV. Kerala Flood Disaster Supplement

7. How to Face Life’s Storms

In the midst of the storm they no doubt wondered why Jesus had sent them out alone. How they would look back at the dim outline of the hills, where they knew He was, and wonder, "Why, Lord, did you send us out into this storm?" ...

8. Responding to Disaster

What is a Biblical view of disasters and how to respond to them? Are disasters only natural events? Should we only consider secondary causes? Have we become so secular as a nation that we no longer consider God has any input on how we live as a people? ...

9. Where Revival Begins

 It's always easier to confess someone else's sins. Ask God what stands between you and a new experience of his power and blessing. If you ask in sincerity, God will surely answer. ...

10. Hope When You Face More Than You Can Bear

Afflictions are a divine blessing in disguise. When we are pressed beyond our limits, these hard providences reveal our inability to deal with the ultimate reality: death. These "unbearable" times are when God draws us closer to himself in simple faith. ...

11. Getting Right with God

This encounter teaches us what happens when a person gets right with God...

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