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Themes: 3rd Sun After Shunoyo, Ettu Nomb Spl - St. Mary's Suffering
Volume 8 No. 497 August 31, 2018

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Mary - Mother of God, Russian Icon, 1896
Mother of God, Russian Icon, 1896

Please Note: 8 Day Lent (Ettu Nomb) will begin on Saturday, September 1 and end on Saturday, September 8.

I. This Sunday in Church: 3rd Sunday After Shunoyo

1. Bible Readings for This Sunday (September 2)

2. Sermons for This Sunday (September 2)

3. From Malankara World Journal Archives

Malankara World Journals with the Theme: Temple Tax/3rd Sun After Shunoyo

II. Lectionary Reflections

4. Commentary on Matthew Chapter 17:22-27

5. Miracle of Finding The Coin

The only explanation of the miracle is by regarding it as a parable, designed to teach us some important lessons...

6. What a Fish Story! (But This One's True)

Though death was not a debt He owed, Jesus paid the debt for you and for me! He can satisfy your sin debt, and give you His righteousness in its place. ...

III. Featured: Ettu Nomb Special - St. Mary's Suffering

7. Virgin Mary's Martyrdom Was Longer and Greater Than That of All The Martyrs

Mary was the Queen of Martyrs, for her martyrdom was longer and greater than that of all the Martyrs. ...

8. Mother Mary - Our Lady of Sorrows

At the Annunciation, she conceived the fullness of Christ. As the Fathers tell us, she had to conceive first in her heart before she could conceive in her womb. ...

9. Hymn: Sea of Sorrow

10. Perfected Through Suffering

The more I submit to God's plan for my life, the more fruitful my life can be. ...

11. Love Mary

She will never let herself be outdone in love, but will ever remain supreme. ...

12. Malankara World Journal Ettu Nomb Specials

IV. General Weekly Features

13. Health: Is it Healthier to Remove Your Shoes at Home?

It turns out taking your shoes off indoors isn't just good manners. It's good hygiene, too. ...

14. Recipe: Irish Stew

15. Contentment Designed by God

Contentment is something God has designed for us. Whether we are single or married, we can achieve contentment and peace within our hearts. ...

16. Family Special: God is So Much More (Than a Husband)

To ancient Israel, saying "God is your husband" meant that God was their redeemer, God was their savior from captivity, their savior from barrenness. ..

17. Christian Life: The Role of Beauty

The psalmist, the Celts, and many others across the centuries learned to see God's hand in nature and to celebrate God's goodness and provision from it. ...

18. All Change Involves This Promise

All change involves an if/then promise. ...

19. About Malankara World

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