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Theme: Sleebo Feast Special, End Times
Volume 8 No. 499 September 14, 2018

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I. Sleebo Feast in Church (Sept 14)

1. Bible Readings for Sleebo Feast (Sept 14)

2. Sermons for Sleebo Feast (Sept 14)

3. Malankara World Sleebo Feast Supplement

4. Malankara World Journals with the Theme: Sleebo Feast

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II. This Sunday in Church: 1st Sunday After Sleebo Feast

5. Bible Readings for This Sunday (Sept 17)

6. Sermons for This Sunday (Sept 17)

7. Malankara World Journals with the Theme: Waiting For the 2nd Coming of Jesus

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III. Featured: End Times

8. Signs That the End is Near

The Christian is always to be watchful / and alert to the possibility of Christ's imminent return, because He has promised that on one future day the heavens will be split asunder and He will return for His own! ...

9. Are These the Last Days? Pondering a Text of St. Paul's

This text is clear: whatever the apparent glamour of evil, Jesus, by His glorious appearance, will bring Satan and all of his works to nothing. ...

10. Hope in Tribulation

We are to watch for this day, when His enemies are finally made His footstool. ...

IV. General Weekly Features

11. Family Special: Six Essentials For Greater Intimacy That Every Husband Needs To Know

If a husband is too busy to be civil, then he should not expect his wife to exhibit any unusual desire or enjoyment in bed. ...

12. Building the Next Master Race? Custom Babies in...India

I'm going to tell you a story about an attempt to build a strong nation by breeding better babies. These babies "would be superior in quality, intelligence, looks, and other aspects." ...

13. Flowers for Personal Growth

You have only to look at an iris, lily or rose-or any flower for that matter-to understand Nature has potent healing properties. ...

14. About Malankara World

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