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Themes: Church, Psalm 91 - Bible Study
Volume 9 No. 507 November 2018

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Nazareth near church of Anunciation
Nazareth, Israel - Near the Spot of Annunciation to St. Mary
Photo courtesy of His Eminence Archbishop Yeldho Mor Titus

1. Foreword

Today, we introduce our new format Malankara World Journal. We go to monthly basis for publication rather than on a weekly basis we had done since the inception of the Journal nearly 9 years ago. Some changes in content also come with this change. The bible reflections specifically related to the lectionary readings will now be incorporated into the sermon notes files in the digital library rather than at the Journal level... Read the complete article for all the changes. ...

I. This Month in Church - Lectionary and Sermons

Bible Readings (Lectionary), Sermon Notes, etc. for each Sunday in November, 2018 (Click on the link)

2. week 1 (November 4) -  Koodosh E'Tho

3. week 2 (November 11) - Hudosh E'Tho

4. week 3 (November 18) - Annunciation to Zachariah

5. week 4 (November 25) - Annunciation to St. Mary

II. MWJ Supplement - Church, The Body of Christ

6. What's The Purpose of The Church?

One thing we learn from the church in the 1st century is that the church grows in numbers and effectiveness Ė not to mention to the glory of God Ė in times of persecution. ...

7. God Created the Church to Be a Family

The church not only helps you center on God, it also helps you connect with other believers. ...

8. We Are Spiritually Anemic

Every single problem the Church has all flows from one central issue: Our spiritual health is lacking. ...

9. 2 Things I Learned about the Church in a Psych Ward

Most pastors in America say they are not comfortable talking about mental illness or being a part of a support system. Those of us in the church who are struggling mentally feel unwelcome, because nobody knows what to do with us. ...

10. The Reason Why We Have Scandal in the Church

One answer: We took our eyes off Christ. Like Peter walking on the water, when we take our eyes off Christ, we sink. ...

11. You Need the Support of Your Spiritual Family

The Bible says that God never meant for you to go through life alone. In fact, God hates loneliness. ... What is Godís family? ďThat family is the church of the living God. The church is not an organization or a social club. The church is Godís family....

12. We Need Each Other

Accountability frees us to grow and change and is an important part of every relationship. ...

III. MWJ Special - Bible Study - Psalm 91

13. Introduction to the Study of Psalm 91

As I debated what to feature here, Psalms was the overwhelming choice. I zeroed in on Psalms 91. As an young boy growing in a sleepy village in Kerala, one of the first thing I learned by heart was our Evening Prayer (that included this psalm). ....

14. Text of Psalm 91 - Living Bible (TLB)

15. Text of Psalm 91 (NKJV)

16. Matthew Henryís Concise Bible Commentary on Psalm 91

The safety of those who have God for their refuge. (91:1-8) Their favor with Him. (91:9-16) ...

17. Psalm 91- Commentaries and Homily

This psalm is a meditation, in a serene and confident mood, on the security of the person who trusts in God. There is nothing in the text that provides a clue as to the time and circumstances of its composition. ...

18. 8 Powerful Promises of God from Psalm 91

Is it any coincidence that this is the 9-1-1 verse? In whatever troubles we face today, God is the place of refuge we can run to, He is our safe place. ...

19. No Evil Shall Befall You

 Jesus is teaching us that promises like Psalm 91 mean this: No ill befalls the saints but what Godís love permits, and even this ďillĒ will not conquer them. ...

20. What If Evil Does Befall Me?

When Iím in earthly danger, I can ask that his angels guard me in all my ways. I can count on him as my refuge and my fortress. I can be assured he will be with me in trouble. ,,,

21. 20 Most Surprising Lessons from Psalm 91 You Probably Never Heard Of

Psalms 91 is Godís way of telling us that whoever runs to Him and seeks His divine protection will be saved from calamity and destruction. ...

22. Psalm 91 - An Invitation to Deeper Prayer

Meditations on the Psalms
Psalm 91: Invitation into deep prayer
Psalm 91: The Trust Psalm

23. Godís Peace in the Midst of Danger - A Study of Psalm 91

The 91st Psalm is a general psalm of trust, and is especially meaningful to all those who are exposed to danger and hardship. The words of the psalm are a source of comfort and security and protection-in times of sore need and deep distress. ...

IV. General Weekly Features

24. Health: Smelly Feet Fixes

The very troubling and very common problem of smelly feet is more than just embarrassing, it can reach a point where it interferes with your everyday life. .. Try these six simple, effective remedies for smelly feet...

25. Family Special: Jesus Teaches About Divorce and Remarriage

The most important thing to remember is that God never intends for anyone to be divorced, but when it occurs, He has made provision for forgiveness....

26. Family Special: Will They Know Us By Our Love?

How often do we piece together the "how?" and the "what?" of love in our own lives? ...

27. Family Special: Angry Women and Passive Men

Many women come into marriage with unrealistically romantic expectations which are certain to be dashed. It also places enormous pressure on her husband to deliver the impossible. ...

28. The Power Of Self Confidence

There is no doubt that having a strong belief in yourself is fundamental to being successful. After all, if you don't believe in yourself, very few other folks will, either. ...

29. Recipe: Chicken Chili Fry (Malayalam)

30. About Malankara World

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