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Themes: Discipleship, Family, Psalm 90
Volume 9 No. 509 January 2019

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15th anniverary of Consecration of Archbishop Yeldho Mor Theethose on Jan 4, 2019

Archbishop His Eminence Yeldho Mor Theethose, Archbishop and Patriarchal Vicar of the Malankara Archdiocese of the Syriac Orthodox Church in North America celebrated His 15th anniversary of Consecration on Jan 4, 2019. On this occasion, the American Archdiocese raised enough funds to build 15 homes for homeless in Kerala. More houses may be built depending of future donations. A grand party was held in Paramus, NJ near the Aramana on Jan 5 to celebrate this occasion as well as to celebrate the Christmas and New Year by all churches in the region. It was a grand event fit for a grand, but humble, shepherd in our church.

Malankara World Journal wishes His Eminence, our Patron, all the best on this anniversary. A special edition of the MW Journal is under preparation and will be released on a date to be announced later.

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I. This Month (January 2019) in Church - Lectionary and Sermons

Bible Readings (Lectionary), Sermon Notes, etc. for January, 2018

week1 (Tuesday, January 1) - Circumcision of our Lord - New Years Day

week 1 (Sunday, January 6) - Denho Feast

week 2 (Sunday, January 13) - 1st Sunday After Denho

week 3 (Sunday, January 20) - 2nd Sunday After Denho

week 4 (Sunday, January 27) - 3rd Sunday After Denho

II. This Month's Supplement: Discipleship

When We Follow Christ

God teaches us differently from men. They deal in peradventures and surmises; He with certainties - "Ye shall know the truth." ...

A Bondservant of Jesus

The passion of Christianity comes from deliberately signing away my own rights and becoming a bondservant of Jesus Christ. Until I do that, I will not begin to be a saint. ...

Big Assignments begin with Tiny 'Yeses'

God will never entrust someone with a big assignment who has not proved herself trustworthy in the small. ...

Faithful in the Little Things

Do you want to be used by God? Then be faithful in the little things. ...

Why Would God Want to Use Me?

Abraham was the first man chosen by God for a role in the plan of redemption. ...

Will Only a Few be Saved?

Start small, finish big. That seems to be God's motto. He begins salvation history with two people from what is now Iraq. ...

What Makes a Disciple?

What is a disciple? Technically defined, a disciple is a listener, a learner, or a hearer. ...

The Road of Discipleship

Like Paul, you are the Holy Spirit's student, and the knowledge you reap from Scripture should be changing your life. ...

Costly Discipleship

To pick up the cross and follow Jesus means to be willing to go anywhere and do anything for your Lord. ...

The True Nature of Discipleship

Growing in faith is something that can be served by others, but ultimately must be owned personally.

Who Were the 12 Disciples and What Should We Know about Them?

Twelve men responded to the call. They were Jews, uneducated commoners, and simple men of faith who gave up everything to be followers of Christ. ...

III. Bible Special: Psalm 90


Unique among the Psalms, Psalm 90 is attributed to Moses, making it the first Psalm to be written chronologically. The Psalm is well known for its reference to human life expectancy being 70 or 80 ("threescore years and ten", or "if by reason of strength ... fourscore years" in the King James Version), although the Psalm's attributed author, Moses, lived to 120 years, according to Biblical tradition. (Source: wikipedia)

Psalm 90 (Text)

A Prayer of Moses, the man of God.

Commentary on Psalm 90

Psalm 90 is a kind of response to the problem of exile articulated at the end of Psalm 89. ...

Numbering and Being Glad in Our Days: A Meditation on Psalm 90

Psalm 90 is ancient wisdom, but it is the kind of ancient wisdom that is timeless. It is the only psalm written by Moses, at least as far as we know, so it predates most of the psalms by several centuries. ...

Teach Us to Number Our Days

The shortness and weakness of human life are the fruit of sin and judgment in the world. ...

Who Is God And What Is Man?

Psalm 90 begins with a majestic affirmation of the awesomeness of our God, our Lord (Adonai) the word means Master. ..

Dwelling in the Lord Always

God is that dwelling place. He always has been. If we go to him, life will be full. If we ignore him, well always be searching. ...

Live Long, Live Well, Live Wise

Within these brief verses is contained the words of wisdom that teach us how to live long, live well and live wise. ...

A Matter of Life and Death

When Moses speaks of the Lord as our dwelling place, hes talking about a relationship, not a particular location. ...

I Shut My Eyes to See

Moses reflects on the brevity of life. He compares it to the grass "which sprouts anew. In the morning, it flourishes; toward evening it fades, and withers away." ....

Lord, I Have Time

Teach me, teach us, Lord, to number our days that we may gain hearts full of wisdom. ...

IV. Featured: Family

Your Family System - Open or Closed?

Jessie's family was a dramatic example of a closed family system. It required conformity. It tried to keep the outside world out. It didn't allow for growth and development, and it didn't welcome outside influences. ...

The World's Most Opposite Couple

If there's hope for the World's Most Opposite Couple, there's hope for the rest of us, too. ...

13 Steps to Keep Hobbies from Overtaking Your Life

As you move forward with your life in a better balance, remind yourself often to model your lifestyle on the one that Jesus lived - one of service to other people. That's the kind of life that will lead to the fewest regrets, because loving well means living well. ...

We Are All The Duggars -The Saga of a Family

The greatest witness that Christians can present to the world is not their own morality, their ideal family, or their dream marriage, but their weaknesses and sins and failures, all of which have been atoned for by the crucified and resurrected Jesus. ...

The Sacredness of Marriage

Jesus says in Matthew 5:28 that adultery begins in the heart. It is more than an outward action, but a lust that comes from within. ...

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