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The Great Lent starts this year on the eve of Sunday, February 23, 2020

Sunday, February 22, 2020 is known as Kothne, The Wedding at Cana - The Pethrutha Sunday.

On Monday, February 24, the first day of the Lent is also known as shubkono - the reconciliation day - the day we reconcile our issues with our brethren.

On every Sunday of the Great Lent, we recall a miracle performed by Jesus Christ during his public ministry.

Great Lent is an opportunity for us to shed our old self and become new and go back to God.

Many people think as Lent as Fasting. However, lent is more than that. Prayer, Fasting and Charity are known as three legs of a stool.
We need to practice all three of them. Absence of one of these "legs" will prevent you from inheriting the fullness of the lent.

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