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Issue No. 50 January 30 2012

The Malankara World Journal Issue 50 3-Day Lent Special Supplement (January 30, 2012) is now available online at:

This is a special edition of Malankara World Journal to commemorate the Nineveh lent or Three-Day Lent. This year, the lent starts on Monday, January 30 and ends on Thursday, February 2.

The Nineveh Lent or Three Day Lent is a lent of attrition and repentance commemorating the repentance of the people of Nineveh at the preaching of Prophet Jonah. This lent starts three weeks before the start of the Great Lent. However, when you read the article by Biji achen, you will notice that there are other reasons also to commemorate a three day lent.

We have provided a great collection of articles and sermons in Malankara World to understand and practice repentance that is pleasing to God. This year, the last day of the Three day lent coincides with another important feast of the Church, viz., Ma'altho, presentation of Jesus in the temple and the purification of Mary. We will have more to say about this feast in our next edition of Malankara World Journal.

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Editor's Note

Bible Readings for Nineveh Lent from Lectionary

Sermons for Nineveh Lent

Inspiration for Today

Featured: Nineveh Fast by HH Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka I Iwas

The History of the Three Days Lent in Syriac Orthodox Church by Rev. Fr. Dr. Biji Chirathilattu

"The God of the Second Chance" by Dr. Haddon Robinson

Three Days Lent - Are We Ready to Obey, Pray, Repent? by Cheriyan Vengal

Here am I, Lord, Send Me from Footprints Diary

The Way Back by Greg Laurie

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