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Faith of the Church: Trinity


The Holy Trinity

by Saint Thomas Aquinas

The Holy Trinity by Saint Thomas Aquinas

Part - 1: Introduction

36 Philosophical character of this doctrine

37 The Word in God

38 The word as conception

39 Relation of the Word to the Father

Part - 2: Son (Word)

40 Generation in God

41 The Son is equal to the Father in existence and essence

42 This teaching in the Catholic Faith

43 The Word is not distinct from the Father in arm, species, or nature

44 Conclusion from the foregoing

Part - 3: Holy Spirit

45 God in Himself as beloved in lover

46 Love in God as Spirit

47 Holiness of the Spirit in God

48 Love in God is not accidental

49 Procession of the Holy Spirit from the Father

Part - 4 : Trinity

50 The Trinity of divine persons and the unity of the divine essence

51 A seeming contradiction in the Trinity

52 Solution of the difficulty: distinction in God according to relations

53 Nature of the relations whereby the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are distinguished

54 Relations in God are not accidental

55 Personal distinction in God through the relations

Part - 5: Persons in Trinity

56 Impossibility of more than three persons in God

57 Properties of the Father

58 Properties of the Son and the Holy Spirit

59 Why these properties are called notions

Part - 6: Properties

60 The number of relations and the number of persons

61 Dependence of the hypostases on the personal properties

62 Effect of intellectual removal of personal properties

63 Personal acts and personal properties

Part - 7: More on Holy Trinity

64 Generation with respect to the Father and with respect to the Son

65 Nature of the distinction between notional acts and notional properties

66 Identity between the relative properties and the divine essence

67 The divine properties are not externally affixed


Source: The Light of Faith by St. Thomas Aquinas (AD 1200 approx.)

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