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New Year Resolutions

by Dr. Cederquist

Losing weight perpetually tops the list of resolutions. My wish for you this year is that you make a lifestyle change you're willing to dedicate your time and energy to. Unlike years past, I hope you choose to not to make a resolution for your weight.

Let's take the word "resolution" apart. To have a "solution," means you are solving a problem. The prefix "re" means again. We often strive to solve a problem again, and again, and again. Sadly, too many people set themselves up for disappointment by being a little overzealous and over-committing to resolutions. When they stumble, they give up on the goal until the next year rolls around. This is why I want you to let go of your resolution.

If you've found that your weight loss resolution has failed year over year & weight is easy to gain but hard to lose; it could be due to more than a lack of will power or busy schedules! It could be your metabolism has changed and is impacting your weight. If you suffer from Metabolism Dysfunction, it's even more important to make a plan to commit to a new lifestyle and stay motivated to stick with it.

My goal with bistroMD is to provide members the opportunity to achieve and maintain their personal weight goal once and for all. As with my patients, I urge you to be realistic, hold yourself accountable, and believe in yourself.

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