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New Year

The New Year

by Jesse M. Hendley

Scripture: III John 2

People write and wish for friends a "Happy and Prosperous New Year." Notice the word wish. We recognize human frailty. We do not say, "I will make you prosperous in the New Year!" There is something beyond the writer's control that makes for prosperity in another. If he had control of all things he would make those for whom he cares "prosperous and happy" through every day and hour of the New Year. Now, who does control our prosperity"? There are two persons, God and the individual, God and you; God and me. Now God wishes for every human being prosperity and happiness every day of the New Year. In III John 2 He speaks through His Apostle John and says, "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper." Notice the word beloved"---God is speaking to His beloved, those whom He loves with an eternal love. Those who have believed on His Son Jesus and Trust Him as Saviour and Lord; those who are Christians indeed! Truly those whom God loves He will make to prosper every moment on earth. His love is unfailing for He loved us from the foundation of the world; He loves us throughout our time on earth and will love us forever for He gave us eternal life.


Next notice God's wish for us. "I wish above all things"---This is the beloved apostles wish for the well-beloved, Gauis, but it is God speaking His wish, not only for Gauis some 1900 years ago, but for every well-beloved believer today---everyone who trusts His dear Son is included. How precious to go into the New Year knowing that the Almighty God, Maker of all things is my Father. For He inspired Paul to write, "We are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus." So believing in Christ it is not presumption to say, "I am a child of God." It is FAITH and it pleases God for me to believe what He says. How comforting to go into the New Year with God telling me I am His child and He will look after me every day and hour and minute and second of the New Year as a Perfect Father should look after His child! What does God wish for us? "That thou mayest prosper" ---The word comes from two words, the first meaning well, prosperous, good, and the second, road. God wants the road we travel this year, on the way to Heaven, to be a "good road" all the way. It means a prosperous journey and then, to be prospered, successful! And He will make it so, as we walk life's road with him. Jesus invites us saying, "Follow me, live in my Bible." The Holy Spirit teaches me how to live each day and moment WITH JESUS and this is the most prosperous and happy road to travel. To try to guide my own life or to let other failing human beings control my thinking, speaking, and action is to become a failure, to be a loser.

Source: Excerpted from a sermon

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