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Faith of the Church: Trinity

Concept of Trinity - Syriac Orthodox Church

Concept of Trinity - Syrian Orthodox Church

Glory to Him who is invisible, mysterious and beyond human comprehension, though and mind. He, Who is self-existent, self sufficient, Maker and Author of all things visible and invisible and has no beginning and will continue with end. The eternal, everlasting and the incomprehensible one true God, one nature, one authority and one will of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

There is not in Him a name without a Person and no Person is younger or older than the other Person, neither is there any transformation or alteration of one Person is another is greatness and smallness. No name or Person is younger or separated from the Divine Substance.

Whenever the Father is mentioned, the Son and the Spirit are of Him, and when the Son is mentioned, the Father and the Spirit are acknowledged in Him, and when the Spirit is mentioned the Father and the Son are included.

The Father begets and is not begotten. The Son is begotten and does not beget. The Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and takes from the Son and is consubstantial and co-essential with the Father.

O God, invisible, inscrutable, eternal and immeasurable, You Who reconceivable in the oneness of essence and are apprehensible in three Holy Persons, Who are understood in three characteristic attributes by all rational beings and are acknowledged one God in three worshipped Persons; a perfect Trinity of three perfect Persons; Father, Son and Holy Spirit; one sublime essence, one eternal nature, one true God.

Because You were pleased, O God the Father, to restore man who was created in Your image, and who of His free will slid into idolatry. You sent Your Word and Your Son for our reformation. When He became man without any alteration, He told us plainly and explained to us the ineffability of the Godhead, and announced to us the unknown things and the hidden secrets of Your wisdom in that he knows You and in that he is of You.

He also informed us about the third Light of the Godhead Who is the Person of the Holy Spirit, Who proceeds from You, O Father, in an unutterable manner. The Spirit of truth, the Spirit of wisdom, the Spirit of might, the Spirit of knowledge, the perfecter Spirit, the performer Spirit, the nonqualitative Spirit, the nonquantiative Spirit, the affectionate Spirit, the Spirit that guides the teachers; the beneficent Spirit, the powerful Spirit, the Almighty Spirit, the spirit that is simple in His nature and manifold in His operation, who is the fount of divine gifts and is consubstantial with you and with your only Begotten Son, the Spirit Who spoke in the law through the prophets and the disciples, who is near to all and fills all, Who effects sanctifiction with authority, and not entreatingly, upon those with Whom he is pleased.

For You reign over us, o God, the Father and Lord of all, with Your Only Begotten Son, Who quickens all, and Your Spirit the most blessed, worshipped, life-giving and consubstantial with You, now and forever. Amen

Source: Pentecost Liturgy of Syrian Orthodox Church (English translation courtesy of Joykutty, Detroit)

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