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Sai baba and chemmachen

by Dn. Monsy Manimalethu Jacob

I do not know. I never went to a school of theology and never been under a Gamaliel. I thought all humanity existed in Adam on the first Friday itself. Some say that Adam worshiped God the following day with sacrifices at mount Moriah as it was the Sabbath day morning and sang portions of psalms 92. They say that I was present then and also when he ate the fruit.

Paul said that he was found by Jesus on his way to Damascus. He changed the story saying that he was chosen before he was formed in his mom's belly. He changed his story again saying that he was chosen before the solar system (foundations of the earth) was put together.

When Elohiem created me in the (their) image and likeness, I got the spirit from God? David in psalms 82 says that God calls me god and child of the most high. Some like bishop Ware says that the priests wave incense at the congregation because the laity is god in Syriac Orthodoxy.

If my Lord Jesus is God of gods, then don't I have to be god? Or is he just the God of the pagan gods? That way, may be my leaders could have more tea parties and microphone worships. If He be king of kings, don't I have to be king? If He is high priest, then don't I have to be priest?

His way is the only way (religion?) where the deity is addressed as FATHER. At least when I was baptized, the achen said that I had become a brother of Lord Jesus Christ.

I do not know. In the 70s a bishop said to me that in our tradition all our departed believers are saints reciting 'saranatthale ninkrupayil'¯. He said that the body of Jesus is within us as we eat his flesh and drink his blood. Later someone came to him and confessed that a female in Trivandrum is god. This bishop asked him to leave the room (a second floor) saying that the floor would sink.

Years ago I read in manorama, on the religion section, about St. George titled 'Great Martyr' (vallya sahada). This doctoral achen who teaches theology says that St. George, just before death, was approached by Jesus and a deal was made. By the deal, anybody visiting his shrines or ask for help would be benefited. So, some glory for St. George too.

Last year in our church perunnal, the guest achen said that Mary, mother of God, also made a similar deal with her Son just before her translation. (or before her ascension to heaven as people now say; though our penkissa prayers for that day say that she was laid to rest in a vault and apostle John closed it.) One orthodox bishop says that Mary's greatness is not because of her physical relationship as Jesus negated to the lady who said that the womb that carried him and the breasts He drank from are blessed. That bishop says that she is blessed because she kept all these things in her heart¯. But, I thought she asked the people in Kana to listen to what Jesus says rather than to listen to her too.

Peter confessed to Cornelius that he is only a man and would not let Cornelius bow before him. When I only bow before God, I might only be spiritually blessed. Don't I want to have some glory too? Every good Friday, I say with the thief¯. The thief could do whatever he wanted to do and confess at the last minute. May be my doctor could tell my last minute. Or I could give someone some money so that they would do 40 qurbanas (some said 30) regularly for me when I am dead or feed some poor kids in some poor homes. When people say 'yesumesiahkku sthuthy ayirikkatte', I say ok, ok but a little for me too. A small deal. Though He did not make a deal with Lucifer, now he may have changed His ways (tactics!). I do not know. I saw people doing pushparchana at the image of St. George in the procession at the big church near Pathanamthitta. Are we back in idolatry? I do not know.

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