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40th Day of Lent/ Lazarus Saturday
Volume 6 No. 337 March 16, 2016

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Garden of Gods, Colorado Springs, CO, USA Photo by Dr. Jacob Mathew, Malankara World
Garden of Gods, Colorado Springs, CO, USA

Photo by Dr. Jacob Mathew, Malankara World


1. Foreword

The raising of Lazar is one of the great miracles performed by Jesus. It also was the occasion when Jesus gave one of his "I am" statements as well as the occasion of Martha's faith statement. This miracle also hastened the resolve of Jewish temple authorities to kill Jesus ....

I. 40th Friday in Church

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II. Lazarus Saturday in Church

4. Bible Readings for Lazarus Saturday

5. Sermons for Lazarus Saturday

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III. Articles On The Temptation of Christ

8. Forty Days: Reflection on the Temptation of Jesus Christ

In today's epic Gospel scene, Jesus relives in His flesh the history of Israel. ...

9. The Temptation of Jesus Is Not about Your Battle with Sin

What we are witnessing here has little to do with us except as it involves Jesus' willingness to take on the burden of humanity to save us. What we are beholding is our Lord - the second Adam - obeying where the first Adam failed to obey (Romans 5:17). ...

10. The Temptation of Jesus Christ

But among all of the places in the Bible that teach us about temptation, there is one that stands out from all of the rest. The story of the temptation of Jesus Christ not only provides us with incredible look into the way the devil uses temptation to destroy people, but it also provides us with a model for how we can overcome the temptations that we face as we go through life. ...

IV. Articles On The Raising of Lazarus

11. Death Is Not the End!

Jesus was saying to His grieving friend, "Martha, listen to Me. Death is not the end! You're acting as though it is over with. It is not over with." And at this point, I think He was speaking of something greater and more profound than the resurrection of Lazarus, which He would accomplish within that very hour. ...

12. The Resurrection of Lazarus (Part 1)

This resurrection is the most extraordinary of all His great works while in the flesh. It foreshadowed His own resurrection, made a profound impression in Jerusalem, and in contrast, brought the wrath of the Sanhedrin to a head, stirring them to decide to murder Jesus. ...

13. The Resurrection of Lazarus (Part 2)

Christ's conduct just prior to raising Lazarus from the dead is instructive and inspiring: "When Jesus saw [Mary] weeping, and the Jews who came with her weeping, He groaned in the spirit and was troubled" (John 11:33). ...

14. When You're Stuck in the Middle

Plant your feet firmly on the promises of Christ, dear friend. Because life on this side of Heaven is just the scene before the miracle. And if we believe in Jesus, we already know there's a happy ending. ...

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