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Some Thoughts on Prayer

by Fr John Brian, Holy Transfiguration Mission, Madison, Wisconsin

Prayer is not form, it is function.

It is not posture, it is relation.

However, proper posture and proper form give prayer more profound function and deeper relationship.

One cannot know this until one has made the effort.

We will put effort into how and when we pray only after an honest appraisal of our distance from God and our lack communication with Him during the activities of our day-to-day life. These problem in our relationship with God become evident in times of sorrow and struggle.

"Lord, teach us to pray" is a request that reveals the Lord's prayer in the scriptures. In Holy Qurbana (liturgy), the priest announces the congregation's willingness to be taught the fullness of the Lord's prayer, by asking God:

- to open our mouths and our lips
- to cleanse our bodies and our souls
- purify our hearts and our minds
- so that we may invoke Thee and Pray to Thee, saying:
Our Father...

Why do you bow down before the altar?

1. that is what is in the book instructions (rubrics) - obedience
2. that is what I need to do for proper worship and prayer - humility
3. this is my proper position before God - honesty
4. I need to present myself before God for His mercy on us all - sacrifice


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