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Daily Devotional: Today With Jesus

Daily Devotional: My Utmost for His Highest by Chambers

Weekly Devotional

Daily Morning and Evening Devotionals by Spurgeon

Special: Help Others Win
There is no greater legacy than to help someone else win. Today, look for ways to use your influence. Help others rise up higher. Sow good seeds because they will come back to you.

Prayer: Not Asking for Anything
Some of the greatest prayer is prayer where you don't say one single word or ask for anything. Now, God does answer and He does give us what we ask for.

Special: Be Content with What You Have
To be content with even the best of people, we must be contented with little and bear a great deal.

Love's Longing Prayer
The focus of the ever-increasing love, however, is not emotive reactions or depth of feeling. It is a nonstop, ever-growing love for "knowledge" and "judgment." And as one might expect, the Holy Spirit's choice of words is important.

Look Beyond
God has a place of victory in store for you today! You may be facing challenges. You may look around you and see impossible circumstances. In the natural, it may look like things wonít ever change.

Give Your Faith a Target
So many people today get down and discouraged because they only focus on their present circumstances. Theyíre constantly dwelling on their problems, what they donít have, and whatís wrong with them.

Zealous for Souls
The Great Commission tells us to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. But the fulfilling of the Great Commission is not necessarily a sign of Christ's imminent return.

Holding Fast
"Hold fast" is not a phrase we often use in this culture. But in the original Greek, hold fast means not only to embrace, but to embrace with force as if someone is trying to take something from you.

The more you know God, the more you will know His unconditional love
We serve a mighty God who wants to do great things in the lives of His people! So many people today struggle with believing that God desires good things for them.

When Things Look Darkest
The recent turmoil among the Arab states in the Middle East is a reminder that the nation of Israel and its neighbors dominate the agenda of history. We don't know the reverberations of every conflict or the consequences of every shift of power.

Believing is Seeing
You were created by Almighty God to live a blessed and fulfilled life. But so many people live far below the level of what God truly intends for them simply because they donít see how it could happen.

Looking Forward
Whatever problems you're facing, news you're dreading, or burdens you're bearing--all will be resolved within two seconds of Christ's return.

Life-Giving Water
All over the world, there are people who are lonely, theyíre hurting, theyíve been through disappointments; theyíve suffered heartache and pain. As believers, God has given us something to offer them.

Save This Date!
"Save this date!" That's the slogan of those proffering specific dates for the return of Jesus Christ to earth.

Get Ready for More
God has greater blessings in store for you! He has favor in your future like youíve never imagined. He wants to take you places that youíve never dreamed. But in order for us to partake of all these blessings, we have to increase our capacity to receive.

Attitude in Adversity
Thereís an old saying ďattitude determines altitude.Ē In other words, a positive, faith-filled attitude will cause you to rise higher in life, but a negative, self-critical attitude will only drag you down.

Well Armed
When the apostle Paul described the Word of God as the sword of the Spirit, he used an interesting Greek term for "word." He didn't employ the common word logos, but the word rhema. The meaning of rhema tends to emphasize the many sayings of God rather than the unified whole.

Finish Strong
Oftentimes, when we have a dream in our heart, we start off strong. We head down the path toward our goal, and weíre so excited! But along the way, we hit some roadblocks and encounter some adversity. Many times, people will just give up and take the easy way out.

Salty Language
When we have the Scriptures wrapped around our brains like a helmet--especially through Scripture memory and meditation--our minds become filled with God's Word. It saturates our thoughts.

Experience His Love
God loves you so much today! He wants you to know and experience His love. When you experience something, it becomes real to you. You ďownĒ it, so to speak.

Fulfilling the Law of Christ
When we live in peace and unity, it pleases God. When we love and serve others, putting their needs above our own, we are honoring Him. When we carry each otherís burdens, we are fulfilling the law of Christ, which is to love others.

Crossroads of Faith
When God makes a promise, we assume it is for keeps and plan accordingly. But what if God then gives instructions that, if carried out, would invalidate the planned-for results of the prior promise He made?

Line up Your Heart
Too many people go around today pretending, acting one way, yet on the inside theyíre thinking something totally different. Their heart and their actions donít line up. But we have to understand that God looks at the inside. We can fool a lot of people, but we canít fool God.

For All Walks of Life
When we slip our feet into gospel shoes, we feel good all over. When we are shod with the Gospel of Peace, we needn't be anxious as we walk through life.

As You Wait
God has put dreams and desires in every personís heart. But most times, thereís a season of waiting involved. Maybe youíre waiting for a relationship to improve; waiting to get married; waiting for a promotion; or waiting to overcome an illness. Much of life is spent waiting. There is a right wrong way to wait.

The Fullness of the Blessing
Are you living in the fullness of His blessing? Godís blessing is His supernatural empowerment. It is His favor. And weíve all seen a measure of His blessing, but I believe He wants to take you to a whole new level.

Remain in Him
Have you ever really thought about the relationship between a branch and the vine? We donít use these kinds of word pictures very much anymore, but think about it--if the branch is not attached to the vine, it withers and dies.

Free From Accusations
There is one place where accusations never stop flowing--in the throne room of heaven. Revelation 12:10 calls Satan the "accuser of [the] brethren"--he accuses Christians "before our God day and night."

Ask What You Desire
It pleases God to give you the desires of your heart! He wants to see you happy, whole, strong and enjoying His blessing.

Putting on Truth
In our modern world, think of all the ways we are told to relate to "truth": study the truth, find the truth, explore the truth, know the truth, discover the truth, reveal the truth--and the list goes on.

Are You In?
The very moment we receive Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we instantly become a new creation! Our spirits are made alive in Him and the old passes away.

Places of Greatness: Desert Sands
We're often told that Jesus quoted Scripture to the devil and thereby defeated him. But it's not quite that easy. In reading through the story of the Temptation in Matthew 4, we notice that Jesus also relied on the Holy Spirit who was leading Him at every point.

You Have What it Takes
God has given you everything you need to do what Heís called you to do in this life. He has equipped you to be successful and has empowered you to overcome in this life.

Sowing Good Seeds
Whether you realize it or not, everything you are experiencing in your life today is a direct result of the seeds youíve sown in your past. Today, you are planting seeds for the harvest in your future.

Defense Against Deceit
While Satan will attack truth wherever it is found--anything to promote discord and confusion on earth--it is the truth of God's Word that Satan most wants to negate.

Give More, Have More
In the natural, it doesnít make sense that you will have more if you give more. But Godís kingdom operates on the principle of sowing and reaping. This is one of the first things He established with Adam and Eve in the book of Genesis.

Walking Through the Storm
Everyone faces the storms of life. Sometimes we have the faith to be delivered from the storms instantly; sometimes we have the faith to walk through the storms. But no matter which route you take, you can be sure that God is right there with you.

Further, Faster
I believe we are living in a day and age when God is accelerating His work in our lives! I believe that what used to take days, weeks and even years in times past, God will do in an instant in this day and age.

Redeem the Time
Time is the most valuable commodity that we have in life. Itís more valuable than money. You can make more money, but you canít make more time.

Conditions for Happiness
There is lots of advice in the world about how to be happy, how to live a happy life. But none of this advice squares with how the Bible describes true happiness or blessedness.

That You May Be Healed
Relationships are so important in the eyes of God. As His children, He desires that we live in unity and stay connected with one another. When we are transparent and pray for each other, something supernatural takes place.

The Greatness of His Favor
Oftentimes, people set their focus on what God has done in the pastóhow He parted the Red Sea, or stopped the sun for Joshua, or fed thousands of people with just a little boyís small lunch. Yes, God has performed many amazing miracles throughout history, and itís important that we give Him praise and glory.

Pain Today, Rewards Forever
For 2,000 years, followers of Jesus Christ have been persecuted just as their Lord was. We are reminded throughout God's Word that there is a cost to following our Savior, but the rewards are also great.

Accept God's Plan
No matter what may be happening today, God has good things in store for your future! It may not be easy to see now, but God has already lined up a new beginning, new friendships and new opportunities for you.

One thing Iíve learned is that God doesnít always work on our timetable. In fact, He rarely does. But in a single moment, God can change your life! All throughout Scripture, we see examples of how God was working behind the scenes and instantly turned things around for His people.

Just Agree with God!
When you agree with God, you are positioning yourself for a miracle. When things look difficult, donít agree with your circumstances, agree with His promises because He is faithful, and He will complete what Heís started in your life!

He is Risen!
We have a reason to celebrate today because we serve a God who is alive and filled with resurrection power! Not only did He resurrect Jesus from the dead, but He wants to extend His resurrection power into every single area of your life, today!

Called to Live
Jesus warned His original disciples before He was killed, "If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you"

Sunday is Coming
As we celebrate the resurrection of Christ, I think about when they crucified Jesus. On that Friday, it was the darkest, most painful, discouraging day of His life.

Looking Back, Looking Forward
Suppose someone told you of two unlikely events that would happen in the future--one in a few days, the other at an undetermined time in the future. In spite of the details he gave about each event, you found it hard to believe that he could predict the future with that kind of accuracy.

Victory over Sin and Death
So much happened at Calvary's cross over two thousand years ago; but ultimately, Jesus overcame sin and death so that we could have abundant life! Because of Jesus, we have victory over anything that would try to hold us back!

It is Finished
It's interesting that the last thing Jesus said on the cross was "it is finished." It certainly looked like the end. It looked like it was over. But I believe that wasn't just a statement of fact; it was a statement of faith.

The Same Spirit
When you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, the Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit of God makes His home inside of you. That's the same Spirit, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead.

Press toward the Promise
Are you facing a challenge today that seems overwhelming? Through faith and patience, you will see Godís promises come to pass in your life.

Brick by Brick
Lord blesses faithful, plodding work. Let's take it step-by-step, day-by-day, and moment-by-moment.

By His Divine Power
You donít have to wonder if youíre ďgood enoughĒ to receive from God because Godís blessing has nothing to do with your performance. He has already blessed you and given you everything you need by His divine power!

A Supernatural Encounter
One of the most amazing transformations in the Bible happened when Saulóformer persecutor of Christiansóencountered God on the road to Damascus. After his encounter, he was so radically changed from the inside out that even his name was changed to Paul.

The Supernatural in You!
We serve a supernatural God! He is not limited by anything or anyone. Heís ready to do the impossible in you, for you and through you!

A Supernatural Perspective
So often, people limit themselves in their thinking. They donít think theyíll ever accomplish their dreams. They start thinking they donít have the talent, the connections or the funds.

How to Be Humble
Humility is almost always a by-product of other values or actions. As Paul wrote to Titus, when we speak well of others and are peaceable and gentle, we demonstrate humility.

Nothing Wasted
He'll never waste an experience, He'll never waste a hurt, He'll never waste a dream, He'll never waste even a single piece of bread.

He Will Deliver You
Are you facing trouble in any area of your life today? God is standing ready to deliver you. He promises in His Word that He is near to all those who call upon His name.

A Place of Abundance
We serve a God of more than enough, and His desire is to always make sure you have whatever you need to be successful and victorious in every area of your life.

Prayer: The Top Side of Our Souls
Every Christian, however he may be dedicated to the holy art of prayer and worship, must of necessity descend to work and eat and sleep and pay his taxes and get on somehow with the hard world around him. And if he follows on to know the Lord he must serve in every useful way outlined for him in the Scriptures of truth.

Avoid Stumbling
Friend, in our spiritual journey, the enemy has strategically placed all kinds of stumbling blocks in our paths. When we make the Word of God our number one priority, it helps us to move forward with our eyes wide open.

Not a Word
He had never been slow of speech when He could bless the sons of men, but He would not say a single word for Himself. "Never man spake like this Man," and never man was silent like Him. Was this singular silence the index of His perfect self-sacrifice?

Hold On to Your Peace
Scripture says your battle isn't against flesh and blood. In others words, that person isn't your enemy; the accuseróSatanóis your enemy.

They Led Him Away
As you look at the cross upon His shoulders, does it represent your sin? There is one way by which you can tell whether He carried your sin or not.

Find Rest
God doesnít want us to live stressed out and overwhelmed. He wants us to live a life of rest and peace.

Be a Dream Releaser
God brings people to you for a purpose. We should live with this awareness that, ďI am here to add value to people. I am here to help them succeed.Ē

Being Carried by God
It is comforting to know that God is willing to carry His children when they are at their weakest.

Two Kinds of Prayer
Christians who attend liturgical church services--services where prayers and creeds are written out and repeated each Sunday--find security in the repetition of time-honored words. Christians who attend non-liturgical services find comfort in the opposite--praying and professing in a different, spontaneous way each week.

True Success
Being successful isnít just about what you make happen for yourself, itís about what you make happen for others.

In the Day of Trouble
God is always present with you. That means at all times, continually, perpetually, throughout all time, God is with you. In your day of trouble, He is a help to you.

Performance Under Pressure
The apostle Paul talked about the pressure he faced--hard-pressed, perplexed, persecuted, struck down--and how he continued to bear fruit.

Annunciation Devotional
In the womb the great men and women of history began their magnificent march through life. In the womb Divinity met humanity, and God the Son was born into the world.

Jesus' Prayer of Thanksgiving
Jesus spent much time in prayer. On at least one occasion, He 'continued all night in prayer to God' (Luke 6:12), and no doubt a goodly portion of His prayer was thanksgiving prayer, as well as intercession.

Living Above the World
Anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one knows sleepless nights and deep sorrow. But as a believer, we also know that during the dark hours we're not alone. God's comfort surpasses understanding.

Something Out of Nothing
Do you need a miracle in your life for something that seems impossible? With man it may be, but we serve the all-powerful God, and He can create something out of nothing! He can make a way when there seems to be no way and open doors that seemed closed forever!

He Answers You
Have you ever thought about something you wanted or needed, and suddenly that need was supplied even before you had time to stop and pray? God knows your needs before you even speak them.

Moses and Elijah - Transfiguration Experience
When Jesus return in glory, there would be two groups of people sharing His glory with Him: Moses, representing the resurrected saints, and Elijah, the "raptured" saints.

He is Strong in You
Just because you have a ďdisadvantage,Ē just because youíve been through a tough time, doesnít mean youíre supposed to sit back and settle where you are. God still has something great for you to do!

The Lord is with You
No matter what today has in store, as a believer in Jesus, you can approach the day with boldness and confidence. Why? Because the Lord is with you, and in Him is everything you need in this life.

The Devilís Distractions
Thereís a powerful effect that eternity has on our faith. It puts things in proper perspective and gets us to concentrate on the things that really matter most. The devil understands this too, and one of his most effective weapons against Christians is to get their focus off eternity and onto earthly things.

God is for You
The same God who created the heavens and earth, the one who spoke the universe into existence and knows everything about you, He is on your side and wants the best for you.

Experience Faith
Faith is trusting God with your burdens, knowing that your prayers are already answered (Isaiah 65:24). It's being persuaded that God has the power to do what He has promised (Romans 4:21).

Through the Fire
Maybe you are going through the fire today. Know that God is with you. Heís doing a work in you, and Heís displaying His glory through you.

He Sees
God sees and cares about everything that happens in your life. Heís seen every wrong thatís been done to you. Heís seen every unfair situation.

Stand and See
You may be in a storm of life, but donít let that storm get in you. Instead, set your focus on God because He is faithful, and He will fight your battles.

In the Midst of the Storm
The storms of life come to every person. No matter how good a person you are, youíre going to have some ďrainĒ in your life. When these storms come, a lot people use their faith to try to control their circumstances.

Seeing the Way God Sees
When God looks at mankind, He doesnít see us as different races. God looks past all the superficial things that our culture seems to magnify and He sees us all the same; just His beautiful creation.

He Makes Up the Difference
No matter what weakness you think you may have, no matter what inadequacies or setbacks youíve encountered, God wants to give you His divine strength! He wants to make up the difference and put you further ahead than you ever thought possible.

Earnest Prayers
God loves it when you come boldly to Him! When we pray with an attitude of faith and expectancy, it shows that we believe God and His Word and that opens the door for Him to move on our behalf.

God Works for Your Good
God has a plan to take every adversity and every hardship you go through and use it. Heís not going to beat you down and make your life miserable. No, Godís dream is to take that difficulty and supernaturally turn it around and use it to bring you good.

Handpicked by God
Before you were ever born, before the very foundation of the earth, God knew you, planned for you and chose you! He approved you and called you His own.

Take Your Life Back
Everyone has days when they feel like life is out of control. This usually happens when we allow our circumstances to dictate our thoughts and attitudes.

You Have the Advantage
When you put God first, when you obey His commands, you open the door for His favoróyou have the advantage for success!

Thriving Every Day
God doesnít want you to live with a ďbarely-get-byĒ attitude. He has new seasons of increase in front of you. He wants you to thrive, to live an abundant, overflowing life!

Plan for Good
Do you wake up every morning expecting favor and blessing on everything you do? Do you plan for what is good? When we plan for what is good, the scripture tells us that we find love.

Your Days are Written
Did you know that God has already written out the story of your life? Heís written out plans for your good, plans to prosper you, plans for peace. That doesnít mean that you wonít go through negative situations. It means that God will use everything you go through to move you forward toward that good plan.

Receive Grace
When you receive Godís grace in your life, you are receiving His favor. Not only is grace Godís favor, but itís also His supernatural empowerment.

Somebody's Rooting for You
Today, you have a great multitude in heaven cheering you on! Theyíre saying, ďYou can do it! Youíre a winner! You are well able, strong and equipped. No weapon formed against you shall prosper!Ē

Time Together - Prescription for a Healthy Marriage
A team of counselors recently suggested that any marriage can be improved by committing to a 30/30 plan--spending thirty minutes together for thirty days.

What God Calls You
The question is are we going to believe what God says about us, or are we going to believe what we feel, what we think, or what the circumstances look like?

Call It Like You See It
One thing Iíve learned is that God calls the things that are not as if they already are. He doesn't call you what you are; He calls you the way He sees you.

See His Goodness
Nothing is too difficult for Him. Take hold of this truth by faith and focus on His goodness today. Allow His peace to settle in your heart and mind as you move forward in His blessing all the days of your life!

The Higher Ways
God's thoughts and ways are by no means equivalent to man's. How, then, can we hope to understand those things which He has communicated to us in His Word?

The Way of the Righteous
Did you know that when you give to others in need, the Bible says itís like giving directly to God Himself? When you step out and bless other people, you are honoring and blessing the Lord.

Arise, Shine
I believe that in the coming decade, God wants to exceed your expectations! He has amazing things stored up for you. Heíll take you places that youíve never dreamed and give you breaks that once seemed impossible.

Declare New Things
Are you declaring what you see in your circumstances? Are you declaring your worries and frustrations to others, or are you declaring Godís goodness and promises over your life?

Declare His Deeds
Even when life isnít fair, God is always fair. He is always working behind the scenes on your behalf to move you forward into the destiny that He has prepared for you.

Love in Deed
God wants to work through us to show His love and compassion and draw people to Himself.

Make Your Way Prosperous
When we live in obedience to His Word, when we put Him first in every area, Scripture promises that our way will be prosperous, and we will experience success.

As You Have Declared
Scripture tells us that there is creative power in the words we declare. In the same way that God created the world with His words in Genesis 1, we ďcreateĒ our own world with our words.

The Way to Get Ahead
Itís amazing how taking a few minutes at the start of each day to plan and set your thoughts in the right direction can help you get ahead and empower you to accomplish so much more.

You've Got the Power
Every word we speak is a seed. We are constantly planting those seeds that will, in turn, produce a harvest in the future.

He Gives You Power
God wants to do something great in and through you! He has promises and blessings in store for you that you havenít even thought of yet. The Scripture tells us that He gives us power to gain wealth.

Need a Change?
We all have areas in our lives where we desire to see change; areas we know we need to come up higher or addictions and strongholds we need to break.

Wear Your Blessing Well
When you start to do better, the people around you donít celebrate. They become jealous. But you canít allow the attitudes of others to hold you back and cause you to live in mediocrity.

Perfect Peace
Isaiah 26:3 is one of the Old Testament's most beloved verses: a promise of peace made possible by remaining steadfastly focused on God.

Fullness of Abraham
The fullness of Abraham was that of a wealth which death could not touch. The seeming fullness of those who walk by sight, and not by faith, is emptied in death. Men and women of faith carry their fullness with them.

Why Heaven is Delayed?
Perhaps life is very hard for you or a loved one, and you are wondering why God has allowed you or your loved one to linger.

Equipped by Faith
God has equipped you with everything you need to fulfill your destiny through His Word. The Scripture tells us that as believers in Jesus Christ, we are anointed.

Live Skillfully
Too often, itís easy to get stuck in a rut, doing the same thing the same way over and over every day. But if we are going to live at our absolute best, we should constantly be growing and sharpening our skills.

Longing for God
O God, I have tasted Thy goodness, and it has both satisfied me and made me thirsty for more. I am painfully conscious of my need of further grace.

Proclaim God's virtue
We ought not to court publicity for our virtue, or notoriety for our zeal; but, at the same time, it is a sin to be always seeking to hide that which God has bestowed upon us for the good of others.

He Holds You in His Hand
We all face situations in life that feel out of control. During times like these, itís easy to get discouraged and allow fear to creep in; but instead, why donít you focus on the fact that God is holding you in the palm of His hand!

We Can Sleep in Peace
We can sleep in peace when we remember that God is awake.

Now, Faith Is..
The Bible says that faith gives substance to the things you hope for. In other words, faith brings those things into your life. Itís faith for today, right now.

All Things Are Possible
Jesus took the focus off of what God could do and put the focus on what the man could believe. Your part is to believe because without faith you can't receive from the power.

Put Your Faith into Action
Scripture tells us that faith without works is dead. In other words, if the faith inside of us doesnít get expression through our actions and words, it will no longer be alive. If we donít use it, we will lose it, so to speak. We have to step out in faith in order to keep faith alive.

Look Straight Ahead
Whatever you focus your mind and heart on, you will move toward. Thatís why todayís verse tells us to look straight ahead.

Momentary Troubles
Are you facing a difficulty or trial that seems like itís been lasting a long time? Todayís verse tells us that our trials are really only momentary.

He Withholds No Good Thing
What do you need from the Lord today? Do you need peace, provision or guidance? The Word of God promises that no good thing will He withhold from those who walk blamelessly before Him.

Who Will Receive the Blessing?
God wants you to receive every blessing that He has in store for you. In His Word, He tells you about His wonderful blessings, but He also tells you how to receive His blessingsóby having clean hands and a pure heart.

The New has Come
Itís a new year with new opportunities, and itís time for you to be the new you. Let this be the year that you break old habits and addictions. Let this be the year that you move forward into a new life of victory.

Crying Over Money
With thanks we should acknowledge the blessings that flow from the Father and in turn bless those around us.

Too Late!
The same Bible that teaches about heaven warns of hell.

Loving His Appearing
It is fascinating to learn that the Lord has a special reward for all those who "love his appearing." The word "appearing" can refer to either the first or second advent of Christ, depending on the context.

True Education
God's highest priority in the training of the young is that they learn to "keep the way of the LORD, to do justice and judgment." Such instruction is the responsibility of the home, especially the father--not of the government or some educational association. It is to be given in the context of God's promises and plans and is to be framed in terms of "commands."

Dream Another Dream
What are the dreams and desires that you have for your future? Maybe you had some big dreams in the past, but things didnít go the way you planned. So you put them aside and settled for status quo.

Make Plans for the Next Victory
You wouldnít be here if God didnít have a purpose for you. I believe that this next year is going to be your best ever. Why donít you make plans for another victory!

Consider Your God
Consider your God. Consider His Word. Consider His faithfulness. Just like Abraham, let His Word strengthen you as you give glory to God. Keep believing and keep hoping and let your faith open the way for victory in every area of your life!

He Makes All Things New
When God puts a dream in your heart, when He puts a promise on the inside of you, He deposits within you everything you need to accomplish that dream.

Strength to Overcome
God has given you all power and authority to overcome every obstacle you may face in life. That means you are well able to do what God has called you to do.

New Mercy
Isnít it good to know that no matter what happened yesterday, no matter what you said, no matter what you did, Godís mercy is new for you today? Mercy is empowering. It frees us to make the right choices and live in a way that is pleasing to God.

Adam's Failure--Christ's Strength
When Adam rebelled against God, he experienced many new things--things which have haunted mankind ever since. All of these things were experienced by Christ in an intense way as He redeemed fallen mankind and the cursed creation.

Brighter Until the Full Day
As a believer, God promises that your path will shine brighter and brighter as you seek His truth and righteousness in every situation.

Give Him the Gift of Worship
God wants you to give because your heart is overflowing with thankfulness. He wants you to be happy and cheerful when you give.

Unto Us
When Jesus came to earth, He brought with Him everything you need to live a life of victory. He came as a little baby, but He was empowered with all authority in heaven and earth.

Emmanuel, God with Us
Isnít it good to know that God is with us? He is closer than the very air we breathe. His peace is always with us. His joy is always with us.

Watch Your Eyes
Whatever our eyes want, becomes an object of worship. Guard your eyes today against desiring anything but God.

Do Not Be Afraid
Have you ever felt overwhelmed or afraid of what God has called you to do? Maybe you pursued a dream or goal in the past and things didnít turn out the way you planned. Now youíre uncertain of the future.

Godís Love Prompts Giving
During this Christmas holiday, the season of giving, remember to take time to focus on the greatest gift of all, the gift of eternal, abundant life through Jesus.

Peace - Not as the World Gives
True peace isnít found in anything this world has to offer, it can only be found through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Sometimes when we're low in spirits, we feel we're nothing that really matters, that our lives amount to nothing at all. But when we feel our weakest, the Lord works the strongest.

Sorrowful, Yet Always Rejoicing
We sometimes grow confused by life's paradoxes--strength through weakness, comfort through suffering, life through death, glory through shame. But how encouraging to know that Jesus Christ is Lord of all that's paradoxical.

Positioned to Receive
As you learn to give Him thanks, you are learning to receive from Him. Open your heart by faith today and thank Him for all the blessings He has prepared for you!

Light from the Word
One of the more beautiful metaphors in the Bible, "light" is used either metaphorically or literally to stress understanding, knowledge, or truth. When inaccurate interpretations of God's Word are taught, Isaiah said it is "because there is no light in them."

The Way
Do you need direction in your life today? Not only is Jesus the way to life in eternity, but Jesus is the way to everything you need in this life here on earth.

Embrace Change
God is always looking to take us to higher levels. He wants us to grow and increase in every area of life. Change is often a catalyst for growth in our lives.

Persevere Until You See the Promise
When you do the will of God by obeying His Word and precepts, it opens the door for His promises to be fulfilled in your life.

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