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Library is the gathering place. It is the place where people go for information - to look up information on something they do not understand. Modern libraries provides many other important community services. There are meeting rooms that community can use. There are seminars, conferences and workshops. There are book meets, story times, etc. etc. When you have a question, the first person you ask a question is the reference librarian. So, modern libraries are the meeting places; it is much more than a place where books are kept.

To many Orthodox believers, church is the place where they go on Sundays to "see Eucharist or qurbana." But churches are much more than a place for sacraments. It is also the meeting place. People gather for socials after the church service. They attend Sunday schools. Churches organize prayer meetings and conventions. They provide entertainment. They bring people together to do community services including charity work and mission work. Church is also the place where you go when you need help. The priest provides valuable counseling services.

The objective of Malankara World is to provide a meeting place for all Orthodox Faithful. Yes, you will have tons of information on various aspects of spirituality. This includes information about various sacraments, faith, history, prayers, scripture, devotionals, etc. etc. But then you can also relax reading humorous articles; inspired reading inspirational stories or relax in the Cafe reading and sharing recipes. You can read sermons, listen to devotional songs, watch holy qurbana, participate in bible studies, and discuss spiritual questions in the blog. We will have prayer meetings using modern technology, Sunday school using distance learning etc. You can ask questions about health and other aspects. We will also organize counseling sessions. For those who live far from a church to attend the services physically, you will be able to participate electronically. When you need to access sacramental services, there will be affiliated churches available including, of course, Baselios Church.

As far as we know, there is nothing like this available elsewhere. So, this is the first of its kind. We ask your assistance to get this going through the initial startup pains. Please provide us your valuable feedback. Tell your friends about this service and take part actively.

We are looking for people of all age groups and gender to lead the various sections of the library. This is a group undertaking just like in a church. You can contact us at library <at>

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