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The Christmas Bible Reading Plan
This Christmas, do something that will refresh and strengthen your soul. These 25 short, daily Bible readings highlight the birth of Jesus and the purpose for His coming. Related Old Testament passages are also featured. Recapture the reason for the season!

Holy Bible for Our Rescue
Important Bible Passages for emergency use.

Answers to Commons Questions from the Bible
All of the following are important questions. Would you be able to provide an accurate, scriptural answer?

Read The Bible
The words of God recorded in the Bible are containers. They contain ideas from God. They contain life. When those words enter us through our eyes, ears, or our thinking, they impart life and faith.

The Cross - Four Scriptural Expressions
The cross has four scriptural expressions - the Death on the Cross, the Blood of His Cross, the Word of the Cross, and the Offense of the Cross.

My ways not your own!
Surrender to Me everything you are that I may "rise up" in you as your Spring and Living Waters yes, but these waters must flood your mindset "that My Kingdom may Come" into the all of you that I may translate your spirit, mind and soul into the "All of Me" "The Manifold Wisdom of The Father" but "you must" make me your door and key you walk through in all you do for I AM your eternal light to the knowledge and wisdom of The Father and it is this you "must" understand . .

What bible says about being blessed. Scripture passages with reference to 'Blessed.'

What Potential!
What potential! God had a marvelous plan for Jeremiah's life...BEFORE HE WAS BORN!

The Lordship and The Lifestyle
To "seek first His kingdom" is to daily live in voluntary submission to His will, His way, and His word.

Seven Three Sixteens
Genesis 3:16, with its prophetic divine judgment on "the woman" (required because of Eve's disobedience to the Word of God) is the first of the Bible's "three sixteens."

Desiring to Have the Mind of Christ, Phil. 2:5-8
To have the mind of Christ: to make myself nothing this is the ultimate in self-denial; to think as Christ thought; to desire as Christ desired; to choose as Christ chose.

Do Not Judge Others (Matthew 7 and Romans 14)

Rejoice in the Lord - Phil. 3:1 and 4:4-7
May every anxious thought drive me into your arms, O God, and not to stress or worry.

Knowing Christ as Savior
Knowing Christ as Savior from sin is our first need.

Jesus is...God!
What the Bible says about Jesus Christ as God

What Bible Says About Faith in New Testament Part 1

What Bible Says About Faith in New Testament Part 2

What Bible Says About Faith in New Testament Part 3

What Bible Says About Faith in New Testament Part 4

What Bible Says About Faith in New Testament Part 5

What Bible Says About Faith in New Testament Part 6

Five Exhortations from Joshua in His Old Age

If You Don't Know What To Believe
The true message of Jesus Christ will set people free -- not put them in bondage. It truly is good news, and makes people happy when they correctly understand it.

Serving Lord (John 15:10-12)
Indeed we find the deepest fulfillment and joy when we serve those we love most. May we find our deepest fulfillment and joy in serving the Lord who gave His life for us. Thus, Lord, let me learn to abide in your love and in your joy.

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