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God's Love

by John Eapen, Dubai

We are living in a time where the love of many are going cold. Due to lack of love many problems are happening in family, in society and even in churches. It may be easy to love our own family or our own church members. But to love others it may be difficult.

I have analyzed why this is happening and I discovered one reason. Lack of God's love in our heart is one of the reasons. Jesus was filled with the fullness of God's love and so he could love his own and even the enemies. God is full of love and we cannot find that fullness of love in humans beings. Lack of this love brings misunderstanding and mistrust. One of the fruits of this love is forgiveness. Jesus taught us to forgive others whole heartedly.

I think, through God's love, Orthodox church can solve many issues with Jacobite church. We should be filled with God's love.

Bible says God's love is poured out into our heart by the Holy Spirit. We see sometimes when the hinges become rusty, it is difficult to close the doors and the hinges used to make cracking sound. But when we apply some oil, things become very smooth. This is what happens when we are filled with God's love.

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