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The Most Rewarding Virtue

by HG Mathews Mar Barnabas

Respect for others is proof of one's nobility. It evokes others' appreciation as it satisfies their craving for love, respect and acceptance. The craving for recognition is in fact the deepest craving in man. When we see others as God's children and as fellow-beings like ourselves, we tend to respect them instinctively, irrespective of their socio-economic status. The spirit of respect creates infinite joy, peace and progress everywhere. On the other hand, lack of respect and appreciation will cause unnecessary disappointment and failure.

St. Paul repeatedly emphasizes the paramount importance of show respect for others. "Whatever your task, work heartily, as serving the Lord and not men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward." (Col.3:23-24) "In humility count others better than yourselves. (Phil. 2:3) "Love one another with brotherly affection; outdo one another in showing honor." (Rom 12:10)

In India, there is a custom of greeting by simultaneously bowing down and joining the palms and saying, 'Namasthe' (I bow to you). This kind of greeting symbolizes the humility of the one who greet and the respect for the one who is greeted. Such spirit of reverence should permeate all other activities.

We have to respect people who are less talented and versatile than we are. They too are God's children. It is not their fault that they do not have great talents. God gives different talents to His children so that all can work together in harmony for the common good.

We never lose anything by respecting others. In fact, we get the highest blessings in life, love and respect in return for respecting others. We empower people by respecting them, giving them more hope and courage to succeed in life....

The question then arises why some people refuse to respect others. Perhaps, they erroneously think that if they respect others, they may be held in low esteem. But the truth is just the opposite. When people respect others and speak well of them, others in turn will be inclined to respect them and speak well of them.

Just imagine everyone respecting others whole-heartedly. Then there will be universal love, joy, peace and progress. Even foes will become friends. Respect for others is the remedy for rampant ill-feelings in the world. The tragedy is that even many of the educated people do not practice this virtue. Let us, therefore, start afresh, determine to make the virtue of respecting others the supreme virtue and an important motto of our mortal life on earth.

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