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B.W. Johnson Commentary on Luke 1:39-56

From The People's New Testament, B.W. Johnson, 1891 Luke 1:39-56

39. Arose. In consequence of the angel's words. Went into the hill country. The central plateau of Judea, containing the cities of Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Hebron. Hebron was a Levitical city (Josh. 21:11). Whether the city was Hebron, Juttah, or some other, is only conjecture. [225]

42-45. Blessed art thou among women. The language of Elisabeth, Oriental poetry, is that of an inspired prophet. Mother of my Lord. Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

46-55. Mary said. Mary also is filled with the spirit of prophecy. These two godly women are the first human prophets of the New Testament. Mary's language is in part drawn from the Psalms. This hymn is divisible into three parts: (1) 46-49, recognition of God's strange grace upon her own humble person and character; (2) 50-53, a recognition that it is ever thus that God exalts the humble, and brings low the proud; (3) 54, 55, the result is that humble Israel is now to be exalted according to God's ancient promise to Abraham. My Saviour. Mary, by this word, reckons herself among that which was lost. She obtained salvation, not from herself, but from Jesus.--Bengel. Call me blessed. Pronounce me highly favored, or happy in being the mother of the Messiah. Abraham was blessed in being the father of the faithful; Paul in being the apostle to the Gentiles; Peter in first preaching the gospel to them; but who [226] would think of worshiping or praying to Abraham, Paul, or Peter? To Abraham. See Gen. 12:1-3; 13:14-17; 15:5. And his seed. The seed promised to Abraham was to be a blessing to the whole world. Compare the hymn of Hannah (1 Sam. 2:1).

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