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Wesley's Notes - Commentary on Luke 1:57-80 - Birth of John the Baptist and Zacharia's Song

From Wesley's Notes

by John Wesley (1703-1791)

60. His mother said - Doubtless by Revelation, or a particular impulse from God.

66. The hand of the Lord - The peculiar power and blessing of God.

67. And Zacharias prophesied - Of things immediately to follow. But it is observable, he speaks of Christ chiefly; of John only, as it were, incidentally.

69. A horn - Signifies honour, plenty, and strength. A horn of salvation - That is, a glorious and mighty saviour.

70. His prophets, who have been since the world began - For there were prophets from the very beginning.

74. To serve him without fear - Without any slavish fear. Here is the substance of the great promise. That we shall be always holy, always happy: that being delivered from Satan and sin, from every uneasy and unholy temper, we shall joyfully love and serve God, in every thought, word, and work.

76. And thou, child - He now speaks to John; yet not as a parent, but as a prophet.

77. To give knowledge of salvation by the remission of sins - The knowledge of the remission of our sins being the grand instrument of present and eternal salvation, Heb. viii, 11, 12. But the immediate sense of the words seems to be, to preach to them the Gospel doctrine of salvation by the remission of their sins.

78. The day spring - Or the rising sun; that is, Christ.

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