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The People's New Testament (1891) Commentary on Luke 24:36-53

by B. W. Johnson

The Risen Lord.

36-43. He himself stood in the midst of them. Though the doors were shut (John 20:19). See my hands and my feet. Thomas, who was not present, referred afterwards to these tests (John 20:25). His body retained the marks of his suffering. While they still disbelieved for joy. They felt it was too good to be believed. He took it, and did eat. As a proof that it was his bodily presence.

44-49. And he said unto them. Between verses 43 and 44, Luke passes over an interval of weeks, and many appearances of the Risen Christ, to come at once to the event of his Ascension. The Lord, about to send them forth to preach, "opens their mind that they might understand the Scriptures," and then repeats the Commission, before given in Galilee. He requires that (1) Repentance, (2) Remission of Sins, (3) Shall be Preached in his Name, (4) Unto All Nations, (5) Beginning at Jerusalem. This was literally obeyed on the day of Pentecost. The promise of my Father. Of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Tarry ye. They were not to begin the great work until the endowment from on High came.

50-53. He led them out . . . over against Bethany. For other accounts of the Ascension, see Mark 16:19, 20 and Acts 1:1-9. Blessed them. The last act of the Savior upon the earth was a [320] blessing. Returned . . . great joy. Their Lord not only lived, but had ascended to his throne. Were continually in the temple. Worshiping and teaching. See Acts2:46. Verse 53 is a link between Luke's Gospel and his Acts of the Apostles. [321]

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