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Geneva Notes on Mark 6:1-6

Mr 6:1
6:1 And {1} he went out from thence, and came into his own
country; and his disciples follow him.

(1) The faithless world by no means diminishes the virtue of
Christ, but knowingly and willingly it deprives itself of
the efficacy of it being offered unto them.

Mr 6:2
6:2 And when the sabbath day was come, he began to teach in the
synagogue: and many hearing [him] were astonished, saying,
From whence hath this [man] these things? and what wisdom
[is] this which is given unto him, that even such {a} mighty
works are wrought by his hands?

(a) The word signifies powers or virtues, by which are meant
those wonderful works that Christ did which showed and
set forth the virtue and power of his Godhead to all the
world; Mt 7:22.

Mr 6:3
6:3 Is not this the carpenter, the son of Mary, the brother of
James, and Joses, and of Juda, and Simon? and are not his
{b} sisters here with us? And they were offended at him.

(b) This word is used after the manner of the Hebrews, who
by brethren and sisters understand all relatives.

Mr 6:4
6:4 But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without {c}
honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and
in his own house.

(c) Not only has that honour taken from him which is rightly
due to him, but also has evil spoken of him and his
words are misrepresented.

Mr 6:5
6:5 And he {d} could there do no mighty work, save that he laid
his hands upon a few sick folk, and healed [them].

(d) That is, he would not: for we need to have faith if we
are going to receive the works of God.

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