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Geneva Notes on Mark 6:7-13

Geneva Notes on Mark 6:7-13

Mr 6:7
6:7 {2} And he called [unto him] the twelve, and began to send
them forth by two and two; and gave them power over unclean

(2) The disciples are prepared for that general apostleship by
a special sending forth.

Mr 6:8
6:8 {3} And commanded them that they should take nothing for
[their] journey, save a staff only; no scrip, no bread, no
money in [their] purse:

(3) Faithful pastors should not have their minds set even on
things that are necessary for this life, if they might be a
hindrance unto them, even if it is just a small hindrance.

Mr 6:9
6:9 But [be] shod with {e} sandals; and not put on {f} two

(e) The word properly signifies women's shoes.
(f) That is they should take no change of garments with
them, so that they might be lighter for this journey
and travel more quickly.

Mr 6:10
6:10 And he said unto them, In what place soever ye enter into
an house, {g} there abide till ye depart from that place.

(g) That is, do not change your inns in this short journey.

Mr 6:11
6:11 {4} And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear you, when
ye depart thence, shake off the dust under your feet for a
testimony against them. Verily I say unto you, It shall be
more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrha in the day of
judgment, than for that city.

(4) The Lord severely avenges evil done to his servants.

Mr 6:13
6:13 And they cast out many devils, and {h} anointed with oil
many that were sick, and healed [them].

(h) This oil was a token and a sign of his marvellous
virtue: and seeing that the gift of healing has stopped
a good while since, the ceremony of anointing which is
yet carried on by some is of no purpose.

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