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Wesley's Notes / Commentary on Mark 8:27-38

27. Matt. xvi, 13; Luke ix, 18

30. He enjoined them silence for the present,

1. That he might not encourage the people to set him up for a temporal king;

2. That he might not provoke the scribes and Pharisees to destroy him before the time and,

3. That he might not forestall the bright evidence which was to be given of his Divine character after his resurrection

31. Matt. xvi, 21; Luke ix, 22

32. He spake that saying openly - Or in express terms. Till now he had only intimated it to them. And Peter taking hold of him - Perhaps by the arms or clothes

33. Looking on his disciples - That they might the more observe what he said to Peter

34. And when he called the people - To hear a truth of the last importance, and one that equally concerned them all. Let him deny himself - His own will, in all things small and great, however pleasing, and that continually: And take up his cross - Embrace the will of God, however painful, daily, hourly, continually. Thus only can he follow me in holiness to glory

35. Matt. xvi, 25; Luke ix, 24; Luke xvii, 33; John xii, 25

38. Whosoever shall be ashamed of me and of my words - That is, avowing whatever I have said (particularly of self denial and the daily cross) both by word and action. Matt. x, 32; Luke ix, 26; Luke xii, 8.

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