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Wesley's Notes on the Bible on Mark 13:28-37

Wesley's Notes on the Bible

Mark 13

28. See Matt. xxiv, 32; Luke xxi, 28.

29. He is nigh - The Son of man.

30. All these things - Relating to the temple and the city.

32. Of that day - The day of judgment is often in the Scriptures emphatically called that day. Neither the Son - Not as man: as man he was no more omniscient than omnipresent. But as God he knows all the circumstances of it.

33. See Matt. xxiv, 42; Luke xxi, 34.

34. The Son of man is as a man taking a far journey - Being about to leave this world and go to the Father, he appoints the services that are to be performed by all his servants, in their several stations. This seems chiefly to respect ministers at the day of judgment: but it may be applied to all men, and to the time of death. Matt. xxv, 14; Luke xix, 12.

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