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Geneva Notes/Commentary on Matthew 1:1-17

From the Geneva Notes

Mt 1:1
1:1 The {1} {a} book of the {b} generation of Jesus Christ,
the son of David, the {c} son of Abraham.

(1) Jesus Christ came of Abraham of the tribe of Judah, and of
the family of David as God promised.
(a) Rehearsal: as the Hebrews used to speak; see Ge 5:1,
the book of the generations.
(b) Of the ancestors from whom Christ came.
(c) Christ is also the son of Abraham.

Mt 1:11
1:11 and Josias begat {d} Jechonias and his brethren, at the time
of the carrying away of Babylon.

(d) That is, the captivity fell in the days of Jakim and
Jechonias: for Jechonias was born before the carrying
away into captivity.

Mt 1:17
1:17 All {e} the generations, therefore, from Abraham to David
[were] fourteen generations; and from David until the
carrying away of Babylon, fourteen generations; and from
the carrying away of Babylon unto the Christ, fourteen

(e) All those who were considered to be in the lineage of
David's family, as they begat one another orderly in

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