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Wesley's Notes on Matthew 10:34-11:1

Chapter 10

33, 34. Whosoever shall deny me before men - To which ye will be strongly tempted. For Think not that I am come - That is, think not that universal peace will be the immediate consequence of my coming. Just the contrary. Both public and private divisions will follow, wheresoever my Gospel comes with power. Ye - this is not the design, though it be the event of his coming, through the opposition of devils and men.

36. And the foes of a man - That loves and follows me. Micah vii, 6.

37. He that loveth father or mother more than me - He that is not ready to give up all these, when they stand in competition with his duty.

38. He that taketh not his cross - That is, whatever pain or inconvenience cannot be avoided, but by doing some evil, or omitting some good. Matt. xvi, 24; Luke xiv, 27.

39. He that findeth his life shall lose it - He that saves his life by denying me, shall lose it eternally; and he that loseth his life by confessing me, shall save it eternally. And as you shall be thus rewarded, so in proportion shall they who entertain you for my sake. Matt. xvi, 25; John xii, 25.

40. Matt. xviii, 5; Luke x, 16; John xiii, 20.

41. He that entertaineth a prophet - That is, a preacher of the Gospel: In the name of a prophet - That is, because he is such, shall share in his reward.

42. One of these little ones - The very least Christian. Mark ix, 41.

Chapter 11

1. In their cities - The other cities of Israel.

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