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Bible Commentary from The People's New Testament on Luke 24: 13-35

by B. W. Johnson, 1891

13. Two of them were going that very day. This account is given in detail by Luke only. Cleopas was one of the two (verse 18). Emmaus. Six or eight miles west of Jerusalem.

15. While they communed. About Jesus and his death. Jesus . . . drew near. When our thoughts are upon him we are likeliest to enjoy his presence.

16. Their eyes were holden. This was their explanation of not knowing him. Mark says (16:12) that he was "in another form."

18. One of them named Cleopas. This was one of the names of the husband of the mother of James and Joses (John 19:25). Dost thou alone sojourn in Jerusalem and not know? Cleopas is surprised that any one in Jerusalem should be ignorant of the marvelous events.

19. What things? Christ asked this, only that they should declare what they believed, had hoped, and their disappointment.

21. We hoped that it was he which should redeem Israel. They hoped. They did not now hope. Their hopes were buried. [318]

25. O foolish men. Because "slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken."

26. Beloved it not the Christ to suffer? See Isaiah, chapter 53, and Dan. 9:26, as well as all the types.

29-32. Abide with us. For the night. Took the bread and blessed it. Not as a guest, but as the host. Their eyes were opened. They recognized him.

33-35. They rose up the same hour. They could not keep such news until the next day. Found the eleven. This is probably the meeting recorded in John 20:19-23. Hath appeared to Simon. See 1 Cor. 15:5. [319]

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