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Best Foods to Eat - Lesson from Chinese

by Ajit Sen

In my so far visit to 25 countries, I saw that only Chinese are the people who have almost all the listed items (See: 40 Best Foods to Eat ) within a week, other than turmeric, chocolate & curd.

Often large family / friends in China eat together, reason that they can order more variety and vegetables. Their Food always end with fruits & they never have ice-cream or Pudding.

In fact eating out at dinner time is practiced by almost 80% of urban Chinese now and variety is essence of their Food.

Starters are always fruit juices, flak seed & nuts, never fries. End of the meal is always tea and fruits. Sometime a small glass of beer 2.5% alc. is added with food, Whisky & spirits are shunned, a glass of wine is sometime added.

No wonder doctors are few & jobless in China.

In India the meat eaters will go for more & more meat and shun vegetables, while vegetarians will zero on to dal / sambhar with /rice/wheat based items with curd and pickle! where some veggies do get served they are overcooked, brown, oily and over spiced. None of these really contain food that build body resistant due to total lack of Vitamins, and actually increase toxin load and sludge in body.

In my recent memory in India I have not seen friends or any hotel serving sweet potato, pumpkin, snake / bitter gourd, broccoli, etc. while in China it is quite common in restaurants. Meat only constitutes 15% of Chinese food, rice/wheat if at all 10%, 75% is vegetables and fruits. Milk, milk products and colas Zero.

Do we have a lesson here?

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