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The Incredible Edible Sandwich

by: Nick Messe

Has there ever been a more versatile and satisfying invention than the sandwich? A sandwich can include grains, proteins, fruits, vegetables, fats and dairy. In other words, every food group can be covered in just one sandwich. This makes it a well-balanced meal conveniently packaged between two pieces of bread.

The sandwich is a truly versatile meal because the combinations of breads, cheeses, meats and vegetables are endless. A diner could eat sandwiches at every meal for a month and never have the exact same thing twice. Since a sandwich can be served hot or cold, it is ideal for all seasons. This portable, self-contained meal can be eaten almost anywhere with no need for plates, silverware or napkins.

Credit for the invention of the sandwich is often attributed to John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich (1718-1792). Legend has it that the enthusiastic gambler, not wanting to interrupt his gaming, ordered a quick, convenient meal of meat tucked inside bread. Though the sandwich was named after Montague, it is unlikely that he was the first person to conceive of it. Sandwiches appear to date as far back as the 1st Century B.C. when a Rabbi named Hillel the Elder added meat, nuts and fruit between two matzos (flat, unleavened bread) during Passover.

The sandwich made its debut in America in 1840 when Elizabeth Leslie, an Englishwoman, included a recipe for a ham sandwich in her cookbook Directions for Cookery. The popularity of the dish grew quickly when another great invention, sliced bread, was introduced. So maybe the inverse is true. Sliced bread is the greatest thing since the sandwich.

Today, most people consider the sandwich a lunch meal, but it can be modified to make an excellent repast any time of the day. An egg, cheese and slice of tomato tucked between a split English muffin is a terrific breakfast sandwich. Mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce can add an international twist to lunch. Sandwiches, paired with a hardy salad can also provide a satisfying dinner with enough varieties to suit everyone's tastes.

Sandwich shops have sprung up all over the country. Some might belong to a franchise chain, while others are regional, or you might find a totally independent shop on your travels. In many cases they not only have a vast array of sandwich combinations, but serve really good coffee, or specialty drinks as well. For those folks who really need something sweet with their coffee, many shops will tempt you with yummy desserts and squares.

You might find a sandwich shop near you that combines a warm and welcoming atmosphere along with free Wi-Fi. What a perfect way to enjoy a quick, casual working lunch. If you're working late and don't relish making dinner when you get home, then grab a few sandwiches on your way home. That way, all you'll have to do is relax.

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