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His Grace Dr. Naheero Thomas Mor Themotheos
Metropolitan, Kottayam Diocese



Born - 11 July 1949
Family Name - Muriyankal family, Areeparambu (Lakkattoor), Kottayam
Parents - Mr. Kurian Kuruvilla and Mrs. Annamma Kuruvilla


CMS School (Church Missionary Society School) - Elementary Education
Amayannoor High School - Middle School and High School education
Baselios College, Kottayam - Pre Degree
CMS College, Kottayam - Masters in English literature
NSS College, Pandalam

Theological/Syriac Education

Old Theological Seminary
Manjinikkara Dayaro
Union Theological Seminary Bangalore
- B.D. and M.Th in Theology
Erbangen-Nuremburg University, Germany
- German Studies
Goettingen University, Germany
- Syriac patristic studies

Road to Metropolitan

Deacon - 24 February 1964 (ordained by H.G. Mor Philoxenos Paulose [Catholicos Paulose II])
Kassisso - 21 May 1975 (ordained by H.B. Catholicos Baselios Paulose II)
Metropolitan - 03 January 1991 (ordained by H.B. Catholicos Baselios Paulose II)

Metropolitan of Outside Kerala Diocese
Metropolitan of Kottayam Diocese
Metropolitan of Singapore & Malaysia
Asst. Metropolitan of Thumpamon, Niranam and Quilon

President of the Malankara Syrian Orthodox Theological Seminary at Udayagiri, near Mulanthuruthy for nine years (1992-2001)

President of the Youth Association of the Malankara Church - served for 3 years

A Beacon for Education

Throughout his life, HG has given great importance to providing education to the younger generation who will be the leaders of the next generation. His Grace is credited with setting up schools and colleges all over India everywhere

1983 - started St. Mary’s School at Queen’s Road, Bangalore. This school has grown to a High School with one thousand students now.

1995 - started The St. Mary’s High School, Ludhiana

1996 - started St. George’s School, Anagalpura near Bangalore - now a full-fledged high School with 720 students.

Crowning Achievement - Holy Cross College of Management and Technology

- 2000 - Holy Cross Educational Trust was formed (incorporated)
- 2001 - Bombay Estate was purchased
- 2002- Preparations for the beginning of the Holy Cross College of Management and Technology (HCCMAT) began.
- 2002 - application was submitted for the permission to start a Management College and it was granted.
- 2003 - College started operations. The first building of the College was completed in September 2003
- 2005 - Construction of the main Block of the HCCMAT began. The impressive main building was completed in 8 years.
- 2013 - The Main Building Block was inaugurated by the Chief Minister, Shri. Oommen Chandy.

Holy Cross College of Management and Technology is a First Grade Management College with five undergraduate and two Post- graduate courses. It’s a full-fledged Centre of the Indhira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) Delhi.


"The Vision" -bilingual monthly

A Great Organizer

Most people agree that Themotheos Thirumeni's shepherd-ship of the Outside Kerala Diocese had been the golden period of our church expanding outside Kerala. From Pakistan Border at the North to Bombay and Gujarat to the West, Karnataka to the South and Singapore/Malyasia to the East, Thirumeni had been singularly responsible for starting a large number of churches. The growth has slackened considerably after Thirumeni's departure from this diocese.

His Grace established more than 50 parish churches throughout the length and breadth of the Indian union.

Social/ Family Ministry

Pre-marital counselling was started in year 2000 and it has become a model activity for other Dioceses in the Church. Thousands of couples have undergone this training successfully in Kottayam Diocese.

Tuesday Retreats at St. Joseph's Cathedral is a magnet that attracts people all over Kerala.

Charitable Activities

1993 - When a severe earthquake occurred in the Latur district, His Grace launched a rehabilitation program with the support of the entire Church. A Gram Jyothi Social Welfare Centre was established at the Harangul village in Latur which serves three villages with health clinics and educational programmes.

1996 - Ten acres of Land was purchased at Anagalpura near Bangalore city and a mission centre was organized there. The Centre started the St. George’s School, which is now a full-fledged high School with 720 students.

Founded The Hosur Mission Centre and the Bhiman Kuppa Centre at Hosur Road in Mysore.

1998 - The Nest India Foundation in Bombay for the destitute children (for girls) was organized. It is functioning quite well with its own building to accommodate 28 girl children. A team of co-workers struggle hard for taking care of the children and their education. It is a commendable charity work initiated by His Grace.

The Swathana Guidance and Counselling Centre Vellore is functioning as a centre of assistance to many who seek treatment at the Christian Medical College Hospital, Vellore.

2007 - Snehitha, a charitable home for the orphaned or semi-orphaned girl children was started in Kottayam Diocese. It is now functioning well with 16 girl children.

2007 - The Asraya Guidance and Counseling Centre started near Kottayam Medical College, Kottayam. It is an offshoot of the Anagalpura Mission Centre in Bangalore. The Centre is providing lunch to a large number of patients and their bystanders at the Government Medical College Hospital, Kottayam.

2013 - The Aardra Charitable Trust was established with several activities. A team of dedicated men and women look after the Aardra Clinic and the allied activities at Illickal, Kottayam. The center also has an ambulance.

Ecumenical Activities

Participated in the Vienna Consultations--the dialogue between the Roman Catholic Church and the Oriental Orthodox Churches.

Represented the Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church in the eighth assembly of the World Council of Churches, held at Zimbabwe in 1998.

A regular participant in forums hosted by the National Council of Churches in India (NCCI).

Served as the Vice President of National Council of Churches in India and President of NCCI Unit I for 4 years.

A key participant in the dialogue between the Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church which produced breakthroughs in controversial issues such as inter-confessional marriages.

Served as the Vice-president of the president of the Bible Society of India, Kerala Auxiliary.

A Feather in the Cap

His Holiness Ignatius Zakka I Iwas The Prince Patriarch of Antioch & all the East, Supreme head of the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church, awarded the title, 'NAHEERO' to Thirumeni at St. Joseph's Cathedral in 2013 during the inaugural program of paurohitya jubilee and 65th birthday celebrations.

His Grace is celebrating the 50th anniversary of his ordination as Sub Deacon on February 23, 2014 at his home Parish, St. Mary’s Jacobite Church Areeparambu.

More Information:

Detailed Biography with Photographs

Malankara World Journal Issue - 198 - February 23, 2014 - HG Naheero Dr. Thomas Mor Themotheos Paurohitya Jubilee Special

Articles of Interest:

Themotheos Thirumeni: A Disciplined Leader by HE Yeldo Mor Theethose

As our dear Themotheos thirumeni is celebrating his golden jubilee in his service to the Holy Church, it is indeed my pleasure to write a short note on his personality and achievements. While I was a mere deacon, the first image I had about thirumeni was as a scholar who is beyond the reach of common people. The reasons were obvious: he talks very few words and his visibility in Kerala was very rare due to his responsibility in outside Kerala diocese and that of outside India parishes. ...

H. G. Dr. Thomas Mor Themotheos - Paurohitya Golden Jubilee by Rev. Fr. Jose Daniel Paitel

Jose Daniel Paitel achen had known Themotheos Thirumeni from the early days. Read achen's memoirs of thirumeni that will take you back 50 years  ...

H.E. Mor Thomas Themotheos - A Good Shepherd, and a Proven Leader By V. Rev. Mathews Edathara Corepiscopos

Thirumeni's forward thinking and ability to implement new ideas without hesitation distinguishes his ability to lead with honor and dignity. Without altering the faith or traditions of the Holy Church, Thirumeni was able to setup Churches throughout India. When the Greater India Dioceses were under the leadership of Thirumeni, we were able to witness a tremendous growth of these parishes. The establishment of numerous parishes, congregations and various institutions speak volumes of Thirumeni's ability to lead. ...

Mangala Pathram by Chev. Shibu Mathew, Pullolickal

A mangala pathram given to Thirumeni on his sixtieth birthday.

Naheero His Grace Dr. Thomas Mor Themotheos Metropolitan by Dr. Jacob Mathew, Editor-in-Chief, Malankara World

When I think of Themotheos Thirumeni, the first thing that comes to my mind is "ignorance is bliss." I will explain why shortly.

The second fascinating thing about thirumeni is that he take full advantage of his clocks and watches. In a country, where people routinely comes 3-4 hours late after a scheduled event and where politicians and musicians come late with the belief that it is the way to command respect, Themotheos thirumeni is a stickler for time. ...

Reflections on Theemotheos Thirumeni by H.E. Joseph Mor Gregorious Metropolitan of Kochi Diocese and Jacobite Synod Secretary

At St. Joseph's Cathedral, Kottayam in 2013 at the inauguration of the 65th Birthday of Themotheos Thirumeni and the kickoff to the Golden Jubilee of Priest Cadre

Newspaper Clippings

February 2014


Malankara World Journal Issue 197 - Featuring V. Rev. Kuriakose Kizhakkedathu Cor Episcopa, Long time Diocesan Secretary of Kottyam Diocese

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