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Enoch's Prophecy

by Fr. Dmitri, New Zealand

Saturday 7 March 2009 (28 Mechir;28 Amshier)
St. Athanasius of Constantinople
(who composed the Athanasian Creed)

Honesty opens my lips yes, the truth
my mouth recounts.


He who abandoned the world, has been liberated from
sadness. But he who is attached to any worldly matter,
will remain enslaved to it.
(John Climacus)

But you, when you pray, go into your room, and when
you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is
in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret
will reward you openly.

Attacks by demons afflict us for three reasons: because
we are sensual, because we are proud, or because the
demons envy us.
(John Climacus)

For perverse thoughts separate people from God, and
when His power is tested, it exposes the foolish.
(Wisdom 1:3)

Those who neglect the prayers of the Psalms with
meditation, lose the opportunity of prayer according
to God's will.
(Heguman Pishoy Kamel)

Christ came to the walk of sinners.He was even born
in the same way as sinners. But He did not stop there,
for He did not let the delights of this world to get
hold of Him.
(St. Augustine)


Our love for truth must be very great. So great in fact
that all our words must possess the value of oaths.

Father of all truth, teach us to revere the truth, in
our lives. Let us avoid falsehood in any form.
(St. Paulinus)



It was to them that Enoch, the seventh from Adam, directed his prophecy.
(Jude 14)

This description occurs in the 'Book of Enoch', as does the quotation which follows.

The Book was well known in New Testament days so the reference is relevant.
The Lord, for Enoch is Jehovah and His myriads are the angels. For the
Christian the words refer to Christ coming with His angels. Also he says that the Lord
is coming to execute Judgement upon the Ungodly.

The Ungodly describes the character and behavior of the people. Grumblers
against Jehovah and His ways; this behavior was characteristic of Israel in the

It ties in with Deut.33:1-2 With 10000 of the Saints coming out of Paran
which could refer to the Saints coming out of a place of Safety which the Lord said that
the faithful would go to, to escape the Tribulation.

Malcontents, fault finders, they are dissatisfied with Jehovah's ways of
truth and justice, because they want to fulfill their own lusts. Loud mouthed, greater
than any right they have to be. Admiring men's appearances.

Although that this pinpoints the problem with the Jews in the Wilderness
which happened long after Enoch's day it could also be indicative of what he found among
the people of his day and was warning them of what was to come. But they did not
believe him nor his Great Grandson Noah.

Alas it also pinpoints to the Behavior that is happening today, we were
told by the Lord that a sign of His coming was that the earth would be like that in the
Days of Noah, when we see sexual deviants not only in the Halls of Power but also in
the Churches watering down the Truths of the Gospel and passing filth into the
Legislation. We are heading for the Tribulation and alas most Churches are
not preparing their people for this. All you get from most Pulpits today are
pious platitudes.
To Thee be Glory. now and ever, unto Ages of Ages. AMEN!


Morning: Psalm 24:7,8,&11; Gospel Mark 9:43-50.
Liturgy: Rom.14:1-18; James 1:22-27; Acts 22:17-30;
Psalm 117:19-20; Gospel Matt. 7:13-21.

Copyright DR

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