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by Fr. Dmitri, New Zealand

The Myrrh Bearers

Christ is Risen! Hristos Voskrese! Hristos Inviat!

Saturday 2 May 2009 (24 Paramoude; 24 Baramouda)

Those who hear the word in a spirit of openness,
retain it, and bear fruit through perseverance.
(Luke 8:15)


The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.

Force yourself to prostrate before God, for it moves
the spirit of prayer. Perseverance in vigil and prostration
from time to time, will soon grant the struggling
worshipper the opportunity of prayer.
(Isaac the Syrian)

What does the poor beg for? Bread? What do you beg God for?
Christ is He who said, "I am the living bread that came down from Heaven."

My Lord Jesus, stay with me and save me from the dangers
that surround me.

As long as your payer exists, then you are not weak because the
power of God works in you. It gains victory over every sin.
(Pope Shenouda III)

If a man thinks himself immune to the allurement of something
and yet grieves over its loss, he is only fooling himself.
(John Climacus)

When the tongue is silenced, the heart speaks and when heart
is stilled, God would speak.
(Jesus Prayer)

For our heart shall rejoice in him, because we have trusted
in his holy name.
(Psalm 33:21)


Engrave on your heart the words of the Lord that you hear. For
the word of God is the food of the Soul and should remain in
our memory.

Loving Father, teach us to take your Holy Word to heart as often
as we come into contact with it. Enable us to open it, retain it,
and reap the benefits it yields.
(Gregory the Great)



And when the Sabbath was past, Mary Magdalen, and Mary the mother of James, and Salome brought sweet spices, that coming they might anoint Jesus.
(Mark 16:1)

At the beginning of the year 32 Jesus frequently came to Galilee, preaching and performing miracles. Many women left their homes and followed Him, ministering unto Him out of their own means, even when He was on the Cross and in the Sepulcher.

Finally they went with ointment, which they had prepared to anoint His body. They became known as the Myrrh Bearing Women. We know the names of seven of these. They are Mary Magdalen, Mary mother of James and Joses, the wife of Cleophas (also Mary), Joanna the wife of Chinza, Herod Antipas's Stewardess, Salome the wife of Zebedee, Susanna, Mary & Martha the sisters of Lazarus. As for the rest, the Evangelists are silent concerning their names.

The following is from the Liturgical Prayers of the day known as the 'Stichera'.

Early, at dawn, the ointment-bearing women arose, and carrying ointments, came to the Lord's tomb. Not being able to do what they set out to do they ponder the removal of the stone, addressing one another saying, Where are the seals of the Grave? Where are Pilate's watchmen. And Lo, an angel radiant as lightning, proclaimed to them, that of which they were ignorant, saying, Why, wailing, seek ye the Living who produceth life for mankind, why seek ye the Living among the dead? For He is not here, He has risen from the Dead and gone before you into Galilee, go tell His disciples.

We also think of at this time of Nicodemus (who came to Jesus by night) and Joseph of Arimathea who besought Pilate the Body of the Lord from Pilate and hurriedly lay the Body in Joseph's own tomb as the Sabbath drew nigh. They only had time to wash the body and wrap it in linen cloths.

The women who had seen where Jesus was laid purposed to come and anoint the Body after the Sabbath. Their well meaning intentions were in vain, as He was not there.

To Thee be Glory and Praise, Now and Ever, unto Ages of Ages.

Today's Readings:

Evening: Psalm 41:9&12; Gospel Luke 18:35-43.
Morning: Psalm 110:1-2; Gospel John 5:37-47.
Liturgy: 2 Tim.2:8-15; 1 John 2:21-25; Acts 9:31-35;
Psalm 106:20&22; John 6:1-14.

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