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by Fr. Dmitri, New Zealand

Saturday 29 May 2010 (21 Pachons, 21 Bashans):
S. Brendan of Clonfert.

Mary set out ........into the hill country.......
where she entered Zechariah's House and
greeted Elizabeth.
(Luke 1:39)


O fear the Lord, ye his saints: for there is no
want to them that fear him.
(Psa. 34:9)

A man who is angry, even if he were to raise the dead,
is not acceptable to God.
(Abba Agathon)

His promises cannot deceive, provided we only
persevere to the end.
(St. Macarius)

Better is the end of a thing, than the beginning thereof.
(Eccles. 7:8)

Should anyone only strive to be pleasing to him and
be acceptable, he certainly will see the heavenly good things
in actual experience.
(St. Macarius)

Behold, I send the Promise of My Father upon you;
but tarry in the City of Jerusalem until you are
embued with power from on high.
(Luke 24:49)

Insofar as Jesus is considered God, He remained outside suffering
in order that we might live through Him and in Him.
(Cyril of Alexandria)

Those who sow in tears, Shall reap in Joy.
(Psa. 126:5)

And my soul shall be joyful in the Lord: it shall rejoice
in his salvation.
(Psa. 35:9)


In the interior life and in the apostalate, let us always
work with Your Son. For then everything becomes easier
and more certain, quick and more delightful.

Lord Jesus, help us to labour hard in the Christian Apostolate.
Teach us to work always with Your Holy Father God, so that
we may obtain the best fruits from this work.
(Louis Grignion de Montfort)



I will bless the Lord at all times: His praise shall continually be in my mouth. (Psa. 34:1)

This is an acrostic poem. The spirit of exuberant confidence in the Lord is more important than the structure of the Psalm. Many of of its phrases have found their way into devotional worship. David has reached the point of spiritual certainty. The very centre of his being was his praise of God.

He gives a personal testimony. He magnified the Lord and saw that the Lord is good. "I enquired of the Lord and He answered me." What an unforgettable experience! He cried unto the Lord and was heard and saved with full salvation. He knew of experience when an angel of the Lord intervened to save not only him but also his people.

He enlarges his theory of deliverance by the illustration of young lions going hungry. Even powerful beasts in their prime have less security of life than those who turn to God for sustenance. They enjoy His abundant provision.

David teaches his followers what it means to fear the Lord. The Lord's continual benevolence has three characteristics:

(a) Strict avoidance of all falsity of speech (see Matt. 5:37).
(b) Activity in doing good.
(c) Perseverance in the quest for peace among men.

If we look at 1 Peter 3:10-12; we see a synopsis of Christian Ethics.

There are two trends in Human Life. On the one hand there is the pursuit of righteousness and godliness, which is bound up with the goodness and power of the Lord. On the other hand is the choice of wickedness and its inevitable doom and leads to ruin.

Ask yourself what path are you going to follow?

Finally, as an echo of the initial Testimony, it is impossible for those who trust in the Lord to share in the condemnation of the guilty.

To Thee be glory and praise, now and ever, unto Ages of Ages.


Today's Readings:

Evening: Psalm 40:2-3; Matt. 7:22-25.
Morning: Psalm 89: 19 & 24; Luke 13:23-30.
Liturgy: 1 Cor.3:1-8; 2 Peter 1:1-11; Acts 15:13-29;
Psalm 61:1-3; Gospel Luke 14:25-35.

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