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by Fr. Dmitri, New Zealand

Esau (Jacob's Twin Brother)

Saturday 24 October 2009 (14 Babah; 14 Paapi)
Apostle Philip of the Seventy.

Now, my sons, listen to me, listen to instruction and grow wise, do not reject it.


It is impossible for us who have fallen into the pit of iniquities ever to be drawn out of it, unless we sink into the abyss of the humility of the repentant.
(John Climacus)

But when they believed Philip preaching the things concerning the kingdom of God, and the name of Jesus Christ, they were baptized, both men and women.
(Acts 8:12)

If you feel indifferent, do not be mortified or bored, but continue to pray. If you are patient, and if you wait, The Lord will give you ardor in your prayers: "My Soul doth wait .......I will wait for the Lord."(Psa.130)
(Heguman Pishoy Kamel)

Christ is mercy and justice. As we have obtained mercy through Him, we were exonerated and through our faith in Him our sins were expunged.
(Cyril the Great)

The prayer of the modest is transmitted directly to the ears of God.
(Isaac the Syrian)

You were also entrusted with the fullness of heaven and earth and you became our reason to progress to heaven.
(The Holy Psalmody)

To uproot sin and the evil that is so imbedded in our sinning can be done only by divine power, for it is impossible and outside man's competence to uproot sin.
(Macarius the Great)


Let the example of Mary never be far from your Heart. You will never lose your way, or sink into despair. Thinking of her, you will never go wrong.

Lord Jesus, help us to follow the example of Your holy mother, and watch over our children as she lovingly watched over You in Your childhood at Nazareth.
(Bernadine of Siena)



So she went to seek the guidance of the Lord. The Lord said to her: Two nations in your womb, two peoples going their own ways from birth! One shall be stronger than the other; the older shall be servant to the younger.

Esau, was the oldest son of Isaac, and the twin brother of Jacob. He came out first - red, all over like an hairy garment, and they called his name Esau (rough) Gen.25:25. This was not the only remarkable circumstance connected with the birth. Even in the womb, the brothers struggled together. Esau was the first-born; but as he was issuing out, Jacob's hand grasped his heel.

The bitter enmity of two brothers, and the increasing strife of two great nations, were thus foreshadowed (Ge.25:23,26). Esau's robust frame and rough aspect were the types of a wild and daring nature. The peculiarities of his character soon began to develop. Scorning the peaceful occupation of a shepherd, he reveled in the excitement of the chase, and the martial exercises of the Canaanites. He was in fact, a thorough Bedaway, a 'son of the desert', who delighted to roam free as the wind of heaven. One might say that he was the forerunner of the Bedouin Tribes.

His old father loved his willful vagrant; liked his skill as a hunter and relished Esau's preparation of Venison.

An event occurred which exhibited the reckless character of Esau on the one hand, and the selfish, grasping nature of his brother on the other. The former had returned from the field, exhausted by the exercise of the chase, and faint with hunger. Seeing some pottage of lentils that Jacob had prepared, he asked for it. Jacob only consented to give the food to him on Esau's promise that he would give up his birthright. There is something revolting in the whole transaction. Jacob takes advantage of his brother's distress to rob him of that which was dear as life itself to an Eastern patriarch. It is evident that the whole transaction was public, for it resulted in a new name being given to Esau. He said to Jacob 'Feed me with that same red; therefore was his name called 'Edom'.'(Gen.25:30).

At the age of 40 Esau married two Cannaanite women which caused grief to his parents. He then formed a new alliance by marrying his cousin Mahalath the daughter of Ishmael (Gen28:8-9).

Jacob through the craftiness of his mother obtained the coveted covenant blessing by stealth.

It was highly irregular. The brothers then met again, and the reunion was on the surface cordial but Esau was still seething over the duplicity of his brother. After they departed he turned across the Jordan. They did not meet again for another 20 years when their Father Isaac died and they both laid Isaac's body in the Cave of Machpelah. After this he and his family went into the Rocky fastness of Edom which was more secure than the open plains of Southern Palestine.(Gen27:40)

All else we know is that his descendants were called 'Edomites'.

Further research shows that the Idumean Tetrachs who were about in Our Lord's time were descendants of Esau. Also that the Edomites helped Nebuchnezzar when he besieged Jerusalem and were given Southern Palestine as a reward.

To Thee be glory and Praise, now and ever unto Ages of Ages.


Today's Readings:

Evening: Psalm 67:4&36; Gospel Luke 10:1-20.
Morning: Psalm 144:10-12; Gospel John 1:43-51.
Liturgy: Titus 2:11-3:7; 1 John 5:5-13; Acts 8:26-39
Psalm 31:1-2; Gospel John 3:1-21.

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