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God, Trinity and Role of Women in Heaven

by E.S. John, Australia

Editor's Note: The concept presented is controversial and is not accepted by many in our church. It is presented here because we need to explore all angles of an issue. Please see the companion article by Fr. Thomas Ninan for a different viewpoint.

I try to write without any prejudice, but only venture to highlight the faith of the Church Fathers who kept this chaste faith keep burning till today for presenting it to the Lord at His second coming.

Wake up, O believers of the Orthodox Church that sidetrack the true apostolic faith by injecting some few personal agenda that make the church compatible to the model of today's social anarchy. Many believe that God is only a Spirit or a force like electricity or gas. Truly He is a Spirit; just like man who is also a spirit but clothed in a body, Jn.4: 24; 2.cor.3: 17. Man is in a physical form; but he also has an inner body which has the image and likeness of God. God has likely a form that of man. He used to speak to Moses face to face, just as a man speaks to a friend, Exo.33: 11.

“His voice you have never heard, His form you have never seen”, Jn.5: 37. It means that He has a form or shape. We experience Him in Spirit form because the Spirit of God is working within us. After creating us in His image and likeness He breathed His spirit into us. Just as man exists in a physical form that is run by the Holy Spirit, God also has an inseparable form that of man that is immanent by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

Thus the Holy Trinity is three in one and one in three formula. Man also is a trinity of body, spirit and soul, 'deham, dehi and athmavue,' in Malayalam.

The Father in Heaven has a Son and is known as the Son of God who is begotten without a woman in timelessness. He is also known as the Son of Man, the Word Incarnate without a human father. If a=b and b=c, then a=c. The Son of God is also known as the Son of Man, proving that God is a Man, where Son is ‘b’ and God is ‘a’ and man is ‘c’.

Few of us may say that the Son of Man refers to Adam's Son. God, the Heavenly Man, has a Son. Hence, God is known as the ‘Father in Heaven’. “…And seated above the likeness of a throne was a likeness as it were of a human form”, Eze.1: 5, 10, 26.

This is why in my earlier message, I said that there is only manhood and son-ship in Heaven, making it transparently clear that femininity is meant only for the procreation process that is akin to this earth only. Anything thus associated with Heaven has no womanhood or maternity. Church, the second heaven, should be free from any form of sex magnetism, the reason for woman not to associate with in any religious venue. This is why The Church Builders never tolerated to have the role of women in decision-making bodies of the parish/church because the church is the body of Jesus’.

But it should happen at 'the end of days' that fulfill woman to grab the Fruit from the Tree of Life, the Holy Qurbana, in the orthodox church, the only Bride.

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