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Confidence Building Exercises: 5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Self-Esteem

by: Michael Lee

Welcome to a series of confidence building exercises. In this article, I'll show you a few activities that can boost your self-esteem.

Not only will you be able to present yourself better at work, you’ll also be able to socialize with everybody comfortably.

Read on to learn more...

Confidence Building Exercise # 1: Recite Your Affirmations.

Every morning, remind yourself that you are beautiful (or handsome), remarkable and confident (whatever adjective you want to insert is fine as long as it is positive).

Do it before you have your breakfast, so it will be programmed into your mind just before you start the day. Do this every evening before you go to bed as well.

Confidence Building Exercise # 2: Set Attainable Goals.

For every goal you successfully achieve, your self-confidence picks up a notch or two higher. So make it a habit to set goals and make it a point to reach them within a specific period of time.

You won’t always get a home run with every one of your goals, but knowing how much you can do makes it all the more easier to try and try again.

Confidence Building Exercise # 3: Find Something You’re Good At.

Shy people are shy, until they find something about themselves to be proud of. So if you haven’t discovered anything you’re particularly good at, then perhaps you need to expand your horizons.

Try new things and allow yourself to be enriched by the experience. Who’s to say that you’re not a skilled baker if you haven’t even tried baking yet? Who’s to say you’re not a talented public speaker if you haven’t tried going on stage even once?

Confidence Building Exercise # 4: Relax And Have Fun.

The more comfortable you are with yourself, the more confident you will become. And that involves having a lot of fun doing what you love.

If you enjoy biking, for example, then schedule a day when you can bike around the neighborhood park. Doing these sorts of things cements your personal identity and gets you comfortable in your own skin, which eventually results in better self-esteem.

Confidence Building Exercise # 5: Keep A Journal.

You won't know exactly how far you’re going to go until you get there. This is one reason why keeping a diary or journal is very important.

Start on your first entry as soon as you begin your journey to higher self-confidence. As you make your progress, you can go back and read past entries to keep track of how much you have accomplished.

Confidence building exercises are meant to be practiced dutifully, so try not to leave the path for more than a few days. Keep at it no matter how challenging it becomes, because the rewards are worth it.

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