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Circle Of Life

by: Brian Gosur

There are circles, or boundaries, in life that we must all follow. If we don't, there are repercussions that will be paid by you, me, and those loved ones around us.

Let me explain what I mean by circles of life.

Every life is a circle. You and I and everyone that is born into this world is a circle. Our circle belongs to us and no one else. It is the perimeter that surrounds who we are and what we're all about. Our personality and character all belong to us and operates within our circles. Those who are allowed in are usually able to see a deeper and intimate side of us. The real we are revealed to these much chosen few.

We are the only ones who can give permission as to what or who comes into our circles. This is very important. Who we date, marry, what kinds of friends we have, whatever the situation, we allow or invite people into our circles.

You meet the man or woman of your dreams and you go out and get married. This person has now become a partner in your circle. Your circle and theirs has become one circle. You and they are in the most intimate and deep part of whom you are and what makes you tick. They can now see you as you really are, and you can see them as they really are, and the circle is complete. There is no room for anyone else. From this point on, the circle can now only be opened to others by the permission of both you and your partner. You both control who comes in.

I must stress this point, because it is so important. I am not saying that you or your partner loses your identity. Remember, both of your circles have blended into one. That's why a ring is exchanged at the marriage ceremony because it represents the unifying of the two individual circles into one. The two have become one. This unification process will take a lifetime to complete, and there are many events and circumstances that will take place to bring this about, but that will be for another article. Right now I just want to lay the ground work as to what the circles of life are and how they operate.

Now there are children that come into this new family. They are an extension of the broader circle that makes up our family. They are not in the inner circle, which is husband and wife; they make up another circle which contains all their children.

No one is ever allowed in the inner circle, not even children. This is sacred ground that belongs only to the husband and wife. This is where I feel so many people today make a huge mistake. I see people who let children in this circle, or friends, or hobbies, or anything else, and these things will come in and try to take over the central hub of this family, (which remember is the husband and wife), and destroy it from within. Before you know it they are dominating the time and energies that were only allotted for husband and wife and now there is a crack and eventual slow separation of this central hub. This is why; I believe there are so many divorces. If we don't honor these circles of life, there is a price that will be paid by many involved.

There is other circles that are all extensions of the central one, that include aunts, uncles, grandma and grandpa. These are all very important parts of the circles of life, but they have to be in their right places and given the proper honor and respect. Next there are friends, and then there is co-workers etc. and etc. I hope you can visualize what I am talking about here.

I have seen this play out in my own life and in the lives of my children and others around me. We are living in a society where no one honors any circles at all, and the result is divorce, broken relationships, anger, and hostility. This is also played out in other countries, governments, and businesses and the result is the same.

It is very basic and simple to understand, but very hard to implement in our everyday living, but it is so important and something we all must abide by. If these circles are recognized and honored, the result is strong relationships, love and growth between individuals, and a much needed peace between all.

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After thirty five successful years at Ford Motor Company, Brian Gosur has a new career as an entrepreneur, network marketer, and internet marketing coach. To learn more about him, visit his website at;

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